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Remaking: Good or Bad

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Remaking. Some people call it stealing. Others think of it as an easy way of getting a part. Whatever your opinion of remaking is, it is generally agreed that you are taking someone's work, and using it to get a part. Some people think it's okay to remake, others disagree.

When people want a rare part, yet don't want to pay for it, or simply want the original part's price lowered to be more affordable, they ask a remaker to copy it using a program, and use it. Whyville has banned several programs that remaking is used on, however there still are some programs that are used to remake.

I decided to interview two different people: the remaker, and the remakee. I interviewed Brainrush, and MiraMagic. Brainrush admits to remaking MiraMagic's parts. Lets first look at MiraMagic's point of view:

Xion2: How long have you been designing?

MiraMagic: Since 2004.

Xion2: How many designs have you made? How many of those have been remade?

MiraMagic: A lot. I have designed on almost all of my accounts.

Xion2: How does it feel when you spend so long on a design, and somebody remakes it?

MiraMagic: It feels like I put time into nothing. It's irritating when I spend time coming up with my ideas and the moment it hits the new arrivals . . . my new parts have already been remade. I'm sure the other designers know this feeling too. What really grinds my gears is that these remakers are spending NO time on replicating the parts, seeing as they have found a new program that does their dirty work for them. Yes, autodot was banned but there is a new program out there. It is just annoying when people don't come up with their own creativity.

Xion2: In your view, is remaking ever okay?

MiraMagic: No. That's like asking if plagiarism is okay. It's never ever okay, because it's a form of stealing. In the old Whyville days, remaking was basically copying the style of a face part, but not making an exact replica. Even that was frowned upon. Now, remaking is an exact copy . . . literally every pixel is the same. It's not fair that Akbar's face parts (CW Beanie, Senate Wreath, Medals, and a few other "special" face parts) aren't allowed to be remade . . . but ours are. I know people have found ways to remake the Senate Wreath and Medals, but it's not pixel for pixel . . . so it gets by. I understand Whyville has rights to all of the stuff we post on this site, but if this site is partially for educational purposes, they need to crack down on teaching children not to steal. It's wrong. Doesn't matter if it's with remaking or not. They're going to get busted big time and get academic dishonesty if they ever get caught stealing somebody's work in school.

How is Whyville going to keep its designers if they all quit out of frustration due to remaking? I wish they could figure out a form of coding with the java or flash applications that block such remaking programs . . . but that takes time. I think this is a major issue on Whyville, though, so they should probably devote some time to it. Remaking is wrong because if a designer wants something to be rare, then it should be rare. They came up with the design, so they have marketing rights. Not remakers. A designer controls his or her business, and then people try to interfere with that . . . it goes to show how greedy people get for clams. Remaking just for clams is stooping a bit low if you ask me. And I know many remakers claim that's not why they remake, but we all know it's for the clams. Remaking is a form of stealing and I cannot emphasize that enough. It's not fair to the people who actually put effort into a piece of art.

Xion2: Will you be returning to designing?

MiraMagic: Maybe if the remaking programs are banned. Otherwise, I don't see it happening. Why should I waste my time if somebody else is going to spend NO time on remaking what I just put time into? Eh, I don't fancy that concept too much.

Xion2: Is there any thing else you would like to say?

MiraMagic: For those of you who do create original face parts, I have a lot of respect for you. For those of you who aren't very well known yet, I just want you to know I have a LOT of respect for you as well. Keep doing what you're doing!!

I'd also like to add that remakers need to stop thinking they are so high up and privileged, because when we ask them to stop they publicize all of our y-mails in their City Records and laugh. It's really rude and childish.. I mean come on . . . they're already being immature by remaking our stuff. Trying to humiliate designers who you're stealing from is just low. That's when City Workers need to step in because it's almost a form of harassment that we have no control over. Stealing all of our designs and posting rude stuff all over Whyville about is us degrading. It's not only happened to me, I am speaking up for a lot of designers. It upsets me that everyone who designs actually tries. I know some people who spend over 2 hours on each part. That's a long time, and when they crank out something fab and get it remade . . . I feel for them.

Thanks Mira for those long and extensive answers. Readers, she is just saying she doesn't want her work to be taken. She feels that if she is to spend an hour on a face part that she should get her compensation for that, and not have someone else click a few buttons and have the same thing and get 10 times as much. She just wants people to recognize her hard work.

Lets see what BrainRush had to say. I am going to speak about BrainRush's answers individually, just to more effectively explain, and probably debate what she is saying.

Xion2: How often do you remake?

BrainRush: I don't remake as much as people think. It's not like I just randomly get on my computer and say, "Oh hey, you know I feel like making remakes today!!" No. I don't do that. I only remake when people request it. Every single part I have remade is actually a request.

I guess I am sort of relieved to hear that BrainRush doesn't remake "that often." But the fact that she does at all . . . it's just wrong.

Xion2: Do you ever feel like you are stealing people's ideas?

BrainRush: I don't feel like I am stealing peoples ideas, because yes I am remaking their designs, but I am also not claiming them to be mine, and I have stated so in my City Records. So I do not feel like I am stealing them. I give full credit to every designers parts that I make. And I clearly don't take them to be mine.

Yes, and don't mind the extra clams you receive. I don't see you putting in the name of the parts the name of the designers. It's not that you take credit for the part, it's that you take the clams. When people say the part was made by you, they automatically assume it was yours.

Xion2: Do you ever contact the original designer before you remake?

BrainRush: No, in the past I haven't at all. At first it never really occurred to me. I never thought of approaching the situation like that. At first it was just a request . . . make and get paid deal. When the thought was suggested I thought about it. and I understand why people would be so upset. But it's like, if I asked, and they said no, do you really think that would actually stop me? No, probably not . . . and then it would just look like I asked and did it anyway, which would be the case. So depending on who the designer is, next time I will approach the situation much different.

Maybe there is a reason the designers would say no. They feel like you are taking their parts. I think the least you can do is inform the designer when you steal their parts.

Xion2: How do you feel about forcing Mira to stop designing?

BrainRush: I didn't "force" or stop Mira from designing. This was 100% her choice, and by doing so that is completely her decision! The other thing that gets me is that she said she wouldn't have time to design for the next 6 weeks. I almost feel like she just used me as an excuse or approach to stop designing, just to get back at me. But that is how I feel. I'm not going to assume anything. Also, being her complete choice to stop, who knows if she actually will? By stopping designing she is really just letting me win. So why should I care? YES, she is an extremely talented designer and just because I remake her parts, doesn't mean she isn't extremely amazing, or that people still don't respect her or absolutely admire her parts. So honestly I didn't force her to stop. She decided. And I respect that.

Do you feel like it was Mira's choice? Do you think she was forced into it? Do you feel she used the remaking as an excuse?

Xion2: Is there anything else you wish to say?

BrainRush: I just wish to say that as much as people strongly dislike me, I really don't care or mind. I clearly don't come on Whyville to hear other people's opinions. My apologies go out to Mira and all the other designers if I offended them, but it's not going to stop me. Unless Whyville comes out with a rule that clearly says "You cannot remake Mira's!" I have surprisingly had more "like" and "thank you" mails, and requests, than hate mail. So knowing that people actually like what I'm doing, because not every Whyvillian has 25k to spend on rares . . . I don't feel bad at all.

Whyville does have rules against remaking, hence the fact that they banned programs. Like Mira said, it is plagiarism. Rares have been part of the economy of Whyville. I always aspired to be rich enough to afford rare parts, and entering the trade. Most rares cost no more than 10k. I asked BrainRush how much she charged. She didn't want the specific answer to be said, but she accepts almost any offer. She says that she has received between 5k and 50k to remake parts. You say people don't have the 25k to spend on rares . . . where do they get the 30k to pay you?

To those who request remakes, you also have to understand this. You have to understand that the designers feel cheated. Many, like Mira, have quit designing because of it. Maybe think for a minute. Maybe use the clams you would have given to BrainRush (who is a unanimous Oldbie on a side account) to pay for the real clams. Maybe give it to designers. With 10k, they might be willing to restock an extra one just for you. I also would like to say, if you don't hire a remaker, and instead save up, eventually you will be able to become an investor in the exciting rares business, which everyone has quite a bit of fun trading in.

So Whyvillians, now I say, "To remake or not to remake? That is the question." What are your opinions? Have you ever remade or paid a remaker? Please discuss in the BBS.

Thanks for reading,

Author's Note: I would also like to thank Mira for the interview. I would really like to thank Brainrush who, despite knowing she would be argued against, still answered my questions. Thanks you guys!


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