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The Kingdom of the Royal Fruits

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Once upon a time, in a black and white kitchen far far away, lived a little old lady named Myrtle, and when I say little, I mean LITTLE. She stood at a nice 8 inches tall. Well, it was just an average afternoon for little old Myrtle. She was trying to heat up her daily bowl of steak flavored oatmeal, but on her journey over there she tripped on one of her cats which sent her flying into the microwave! A strong gust of wind came through the window and the microwave door shut. Then all of a sudden, the microwave turned on, and Myrtle began to see a strange sight that she had never encountered before: color! What were these strange little things? Myrtle had no idea what was going on.

After what seemed an eternity, Myrtle, her cat, and the microwave crash landed in a strange colorful land. Upon her landing Myrtle heard, just barely, a splat sound. She stepped out of the microwave in awe. Before her stood a beautiful princess and an array of fruits. A talking slug informed her that she had just killed the evil Lopen of the East, the tormentor of the Kingdom of the Royal Fruits.

As Myrtle got acquainted with these two strangers, they told her where she had landed, and what was going on. As a reward for slaying the evil Lopen, Linda, the good princess of the North, rewarded Myrtle with his magical ruby red mustache.

As much as Myrtle had been enjoying the wonders of this fruity land, she still wanted to get back home to finish her oatmeal, so she asked the good princess how to get back to Florida. Linda first suggested to go the way she came, but Myrtle replied that she wasn't quite sure how to drive a microwave. So Linda told her to go ask the Fruity Almighty Overlord Princess Person in Amethyst City for help by following the Banana Bread Road.

So Myrtle went off on her merry way, following the Banana Bread Road. After a whole five minutes, she really had to pee, so she stopped at a quaint little farm to ask a nice looking girl for directions. The girl replied that bathrooms were illegal in the kingdom, fruits didn't need to pee! So the Overlord had long ago banned their annoying existence.

Myrtle started to get a little fussy about the bathroom situation since she'd have to be traveling such a long way, but she let it go and asked for the girl's name. The girl's eyes widened at the name of the Overlord, (well it was close enough to her name) she'd always wanted a stem, so she asked Myrtle if she could tag along to Amethyst City.

Myrtle didn't understand why anyone would want a stem, but everything in this weird place confused her, so she just dropped it.

After Strawberry's heart-wrenching story of not having a stem, Myrtle agreed to let her come along. So the two skipped down the Banana Bread Road, singing and dancing.

Ooh what fun! So, will Myrtle ever get back home to finish her beloved bowl of steak flavored oatmeal? Will Strawberry ever get a stem? Will Myrtle get away so easily for killing Lopen? Find out next time on the Kingdom of the Royal Fruits!


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