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Forgotten Places: More Places

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Hello Whyvillians! This is Xion2. I am here to continue my article about places on Whyville that seemed to have been completely abandoned. In the BBS, there were several suggestions. I am going to talk about some of them.

Back during my first few years on Whyville, it was almost impossible to get a seat in room 1 of the Trading Post. After the Style Studio opened up last year, and now with parts not expiring, the Trading Post has become a "Forgotten Place." With Style Studio not working these past few weeks, I thought that the Trading Post would become popular again. I guess not. However, I do suggest people looking back to Trading Post.

This next place is not only a Friend Finder location, but also one of the sponsor's chat rooms. It used to be pretty popular, with at least 5 people always in there. It was fun. Now the only one there is the bored receptionist.

Now stop. Think rich. Think popular. Think famous. The people you are thinking of are the members of the famous Club Why. Or at least, they were. Club Why used to be an extremely exclusive club. Not only did it cost 1,000 clams (the equivalent of about 15k these days) just to get in, it was only for Oldbies. Now, the only time there are people in the exclusive Club Why chat room is the first Tuesday of every month, for the Meet the Makers meeting. It used to be packed with members.


This next place is an extension of the Beach. People used to flock here. When Whyville changed its chat rooms so many members' Java couldn't see South Beach, people all went to the Grotto. There were always at least 25 people there. Now, it is completely empty.

The final place I will show you is the Waterfall. It was never the most popular place on Whyville, but you could always find people. It was always a fun spot. When I went there, I saw one person - just one.

Again, I ask you guys to look at these chat rooms. Go there. Explore. See what's there. Who knows what you will find? You might find your new favorite chat room. People used to like them. I bet you will too.



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