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Whyville's Going to Regina!

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Whyville's Going to Regina!

Bigfoot Bill
Times Writer & City Worker

Hey hey Whyville!

I just get back from a wearying trip to the Bahamas (just kidding!) and guess what? I'm greeted with the news that the founder of Whyville has been invited to Regina, Canada by some big-name "distance learning" people. Hey, what about me?

But seriously, folks, this is pretty cool stuff. These folks -- educators, teachers, professors -- want us to tell them about how Whyville educates its citizens all over the world! I bet you know what that means: ROAD TRIP! (Well... road trip for him, anyway. ;-)

As usual with events where educators and scientists get together, they've asked us to give a poster presentation. Basically, just like what you all might do for a science fair. However, we at Whyville often don't like doing things the "usual" way -- instead of designing posters that describe what we think makes Whyville work, we want to invite YOU to tell these folks what YOU think makes Whyville work!

How has Whyville made your life different? What have you learned from Whyville? You can talk about the games and activities that the folks at City Hall have designed for you, as well as everything you've learned from your friends, your fellow citizens, and your whole life experiences in our town.

All in all, what does Whyville mean to you?

All Whyvillians are welcome to submit posters -- there will be a competition for everyone. Winners will get clam awards, maybe even a Why-Pass! There'll be a special bonus for those citizens who can actually go to Regina (with their parents' permission, of course!). These winners will get free tickets to this event so that they can come and present their posters themselves! And you'll get to meet the founder of Whyville!!

Email your submission to posters\@whyville.net NO LATER THAN May 17th. You can write them just like you'd write an article for the Times. If you want, you can include pictures of Whyville or even your own original artwork. Just don't be late! We need time to choose the best ones, get them ready to show in Whyville AND in Regina, and make sure that the winners can make it to Regina on June 1st.

If you're wondering why we're doing this special event for Regina, well, they invited us! Would you like Whyville to come to your town? Talk with your teachers, your principal, and other educators in your area. Have them email or call us, and we'll explain to them what we can do to show your school and your friends all about Whyville.

From the distant blackboard of my mental classroom,

Bigfoot Bill



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