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The Hunger Games

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Hello Whyvillians! I recently finished reading "The Hunger Games" trilogy books. I loved them! They are action-packed, amazing books.

"The Hunger Games" is set about 100 years in the future. World War III left the world in ruins. The few survivors got together, and formed the world's newest and now only country - Panem. Panem was formed by 13 different districts and the Capital. Each district does something. For example, 12 is the coal miners and 8 is the garden district. The Capital's citizens are by far the richest, followed by District 1, then District 2, so on and so forth, until 12, which is the poorest. District 13, however, doesn't follow the pattern. Since it is the weapon making district, they put it as far from the Capital as they could.

The government was ruled by the evil President Snow. He made himself a dictator. He killed anyone who didn't agree with him. Well, most people in District 13 didn't agree with him. They revolted, and had a long war with the rest of Panam. 13 had the advantage of being the weapon making district, however, received little help from the others. After being built, the weapons all went to District 2. So, the Capital had all the old nukes. After being nuked back to colonial times, District 13 gave up. All the people living there died. To remind the citizens of the government's power, and to keep them from revolting, the government set up the annual Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, two tributes from each district fight each other to the death. Normally, the people from Districts 1-3 won, as they were the richest, and had had the most training.

The story begins at the beginning of the 76th Hunger Games. (Yes, that means all I just told you was just important background information.) Katniss Everdeen is a poor 16 year old girl living in District 12. As the reaping ceremony (the fun little ceremony in which the tributes are picked), begins, who is to be picked but Katniss's little sister. Katniss can't stand to see her sister go, so she volunteers to enter the Hunger Games, and go off and die (as it was almost sure she would) just so her sister wouldn't. How will Katniss live? Will she ever see District 12 again? Will she be able to help stop all Hunger Games? Will she later be able to defeat evil President Snow? You have to read to find out.

I decided to interview a few people to see their ideas on Hunger Games, and the upcoming movie (which comes out March 23, 2012, and which I will be buying tickets for the second they come out).

Xion2: How long ago did you read "The Hunger Games"?

x3cathx3: I read it for the first time last summer, but I just recently reread the series a few weeks ago.
KikiBug: Just a few months ago.
Nagisca89: Somewhere between August and September.
xSugarrx33: About last summer. I bought "Mockingjay" the day it came out.

Xion2: Using three words, describe "The Hunger Games" trilogy.

x3cathx3: I want to say supermegafoxyawesomehot but now I can't think of two more adjectives and that's a Harry Potter thing and you can't describe "The Hunger Games" with Harry Potter adjectives.
Kikibug: Awesome, Epic, did I mention Awesome?
Nagisca89: Awesome, Outstanding, Amazing.
xSugarrx33: Bloody. Fast-paced. Brilliant.

Xion2: Have you read all three Hunger Games books?

x3cathx3: Yes. multiple times over.
KikiBug: No, just the first one.
Nagisca89: Yes I have and I loved all of them.
xSugarrx33: I've read all of them TWICE.

Xion2: Would you recommend "The Hunger Games"?

X3cathx3: Oh god yes. It's quite violent though, so not for kids who are younger.
KiKiBug: Yeah, to people who like books (unlike almost every one of my friends).
Nagisca89: YES!! If you love action-packed books then your going to love "The Hunger Games"!
xSugarrx33: Totally.

Xion2: Would you say "The Hunger Games" books are your favorite?

x3cathx3: They're definitely in my top 10.
Kikiug: One of my faves!
Nagisca89: Hhmm . . . yes, I would say they are.
xSugarrx33: They're definitely up high on my list of favorites.

Xion2: What are your thoughts on the upcoming movie?

Kikibug: I would LOVE to see it but I'm afraid they might make the movie horrible (like most books turned into movies).
xSugarrx33: Well, at first I thought about how so far the casting seems terrible, but then I read some articles about what Suzanne Collins thinks of them, and I think if she enjoys them so much, perhaps they won't be too bad.

Xion2: Is there any thing else you would like to say?

x3cathx3: Just that Hunger Games fanfics are insanely fun to read.
KiKibug: No, except that "The Hunger Games" RULE!
Nagisca89: You better read "The Hunger Games"! Listen to the kitty.
xSugarrx33: Um . . . if you don't really like books with killing, you might want to stay away from the series. Far away.

So, Whyvillians, as you can see, everyone has enjoyed "The Hunger Games". Thanks to x3cathx3, kikibug, xSugarrx33, and Nagisca89 for answering my questions.

I myself would highly recommend "The Hunger Games" books. I really enjoyed reading all of them. Even friends of mine who usually hate reading couldn't put "The Hunger Games" down.

Happy reading!


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