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What has society done to the young people of this generation? Telling us we aren't pretty unless we have a certain body type and wear the trendy clothes and make up, telling us we aren't cool unless we act a certain way, telling us we can only like certain things or have certain hobbies.

I'm sick of this. I've seen lives ruined, all because someone tried to live up to the ridiculous standards of modern society. Guys and girls alike, destroying their minds and bodies just to look and act like the famous role models of today.

I've never felt the particular pressure of not being good enough in society's eyes. I've lived something of a sheltered life. I've been homeschooled my entire life, I go to a small Christian church, and I'm not much for keeping up with what's "in". Of course, that doesn't mean I'm totally naive. I've seen my fair share of the world today. I'm just lucky enough not to be barraged by it every single moment I'm awake.

I'm sort of what you'd call an individual. I refuse to wear name brand clothes or cake my face with make up. I don't love a lot of the popular music of today. I don't idolize famous celebrities, and I'm not interested in many of the common things a girl my age might like. I have an odd sense of style, usually only buying my clothes at thrift stores. My shoes are usually totally unmatching, and I tend to wear unusual things such as homemade fingerless gloves or fedoras. I'd rather be rocking out to some good metal music than trying out the latest dance moves to some Justin Bieber music. My idols are usually geniuses or people that I'm friends with. I'd much rather be sitting at home, working on my homework or doing something with my family on a Friday night than be going out to a party that I might not even remember the next morning.

Some people might call me an individual, some people might just call me weird. All I know is, I love who I am, and nobody can take that away from me.

Let me quote a few songs from some popular artists, Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars:

"I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way."

"Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel, like you're less than perfect."

"Baby, you're a firework, come on show 'em what you're worth, make 'em go oh, oh, oh, as you shoot across the sky."

"And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile, 'cause you're amazing just the way you are."

Why not be a you you can love? After all, the people judging you don't have to live with you all day, every day. You shouldn't have to live hating who you are. Be the original you, because you are perfect.


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