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The Hope Line

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Life can be really, really hard sometimes. There can be ups and downs, swerves and sudden turns, and ways to complicate even the simplest of things. Though sometimes things might look unbearably tough, please reach out for help. "Help" doesn't mean go to a therapist or give a heart-felt speech to your mom or dad about your problems, it just means getting your worries out there. I've personally had many situations in life where I've felt pressured, confused, and helpless. I then turned to something that has changed my life, and has helped millions of other teens and young adults throughout the last several years: thehopeline.com

This website is very motivational, and can personally help you or your friends. There are options where you can talk one on one with a trained hope coach, or you could just read some of the blogs the main Hope Coach, Dawson McAllister, writes. The blogs (there are close to 200 of them on tons of different topics,) can touch home to nearly every situation us as young people can face. By scrolling through them, I found the blog perfect for me during my moment of trouble. I read it over many times, and held the sincere words close to my heart. Then, with the help of my hope coach, I solved my problem. I can honestly say that without the hope line's help, I don't think I'd be where I am today in my life. I had many questions about thehopeline.com, and I would imagine you do too. I tried to put down several questions that you might have, with answers that will hopefully help you understand and want to come visit this site.

So what even is the "hope line?"

The hope line is a place where you can unleash whatever is troubling you, hurting you, or what is buried deep within your darkest thoughts. No one will judge you; no one will trace you; and getting help from here is 100% confidential.

What is a hope coach?

A hope coach is a trained professional who talks with you one on one (anonymously) through chat logs. Dawson McAllister hires each of these coaches, so there is really no chance you will get a bad one. These coaches are not allowed to copy what you say, and they cannot trace it back to you in any way.

How do I sign up to talk to a coach?

All you have to do in order to get 100% access to this website is sign up with your email address. You can chose a password and username that can hide your identity and your email address will not be shown ever. After creating the account, you can visit everything that Dawson McAllister has put out on the website.

What exactly are these blogs?

The blogs I mentioned previously are pieces of writing that Dawson McAllister has created in order to help people with all sorts of situations. When on the website's homepage, click the button "Search Help Topics", and you can instantly be taken to a list of topics Dawson's blogs have been written on. I am very confident that you will be able to find a blog on something you are facing.

Does this have anything to do with a radio show?

Yes, this website is also home to the popular radio show Dawson McAllister Live. If you wanted to chat with Dawson on the air, you could call in during the times he hosts his show. You could also talk by voice to a trained hope coach. It just depends on what YOU are most comfortable with.

Overall, this website has been very helpful and motivational for me. I've always been a "good girl", but in some points in my life, I've felt really low, and needed someone to go to. You might be the same way. If so, I highly suggest checking out this website. Even if you aren't interested in getting help for yourself, you could always look to see if there is any way to get advice for a friend or family member. Reading the blogs has given me a lot of insight on how I could help my friends with what they're facing. I also know some of my friends that are getting help directly from the website. It is truly the perfect place to go with a problem, so don't be afraid to call them up, look up their site, or simply try to improve yourself with a little confidential help.

Author's Note: Sources: www.thehopeline.com


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