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Spot That Scion

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Have you seen those decorated Scions driving over the top of your screen? These Scions are part of a game called Spot that Scion!

Click on the Scion driving across the top of your screen to see if it fits the clue for the temporary hour. If it does, you automatically are rewarded 40 clams!

These Scions are a great way to earn those extra clams to buy cool things at Akbar's, the Bazaar, or the mall! If you click on a Scion that doesn't fit the clue you don't earn or lose any clams. But at the end of the day, the bonus clams you can earn from clicking the correct Scions, will drop depending on how accurately you clicked.

Some of the clues are:

You love is rather magnetic today


A Bat Mobile with WhyWings

For those of you that are new or just don't know what Scions are, they are virtual cars for Whyvillians. If you have a Scion, you can buy accessories for it and make the coolest Scion in Whyville! If you would like to buy a Scion, but don't have enough money for one, you can go to the Scion Loan Office and see if you are eligible for a loan to buy a Scion. You have a matter of 12 weeks at the maximum to pay back as many clams as you borrowed from the loan.

Spot that Scion is a great game and is really fun to play. Just remember to make sure you pay very close attention to the top of your Whyville screen for little tiny Scions driving across.


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