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Whyville Warfare

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Hello Whyvillians! Today I want to talk about the war that seems to be going on between the groups in Whyville. I'm sure you know what these groups are: South Beachers, Cat Clans, Mallers, Sun Roofers, etc. I have to admit, this grouping, judging and rudeness towards each other is getting on my nerves.

I frequently go to mall, because that is where my friends are. People constantly label not just the Mallers, but everyone. I recently read a 'hate thread' on the BBS about the mallers, saying that they're loners, or that they've been abused by their parents, and lots of other rude and ruthless things. Now to me, that is going over the line. Making a hate thread, and then saying their parents must have abused them? That's just wrong on so many levels. I'm here writing this to try and get people from every hangout to keep their rude words inside, and stop being hurtful.

Sure, I bet there are a few, maybe even a lot of people you don't like on Whyville. But does that mean you should spam the BBS, or make hate threads? No. It means you should either talk it out with that person, or just vape/ignore them. I know this will continue regardless of what I write in this article, but it doesn't hurt to try and stop it.

I'm tired of seeing the Cat Clans come into Mall and pie people and say rude things. I'm tired of the Mallers fighting back and continuing this war. And I'm just really tired of hearing about all the rudeness and immaturity that is taking place because of where someone's pixelated avatar sits. Where a person's pixelated avatar goes on Whyville DOESN'T define them as a person, so judging them is rude, immature, and malicious.

I have a friend that goes to Mall and literally cried over all of the people who were personally attacking her for standing up for her friends. Cyber-bullying happens everywhere, I know, but it doesn't mean it needs to happen on Whyville. I mean I know that I won't stop anything, but think about it. Do you really get that much pleasure from someone else's pain?

"If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Have any of you heard this quote before? If you have, why not live by it? I don't think any of you know how much you can hurt a person with your words. It's really just rude, and a waste of your life to judge and hurt someone's feelings. I personally try my best to be nice to everyone, whether they are annoying, strong-willed, stubborn, or even rude. But if someone is just downright mean and makes my friends cry, I will say something. I won't be rude, I won't be mean. I'll simply tell them how I feel, and tell them to stop. Whether they do, is up to them; but at least they knew how I felt.

This article was mainly fueled by the ridiculous and unnecessary war between the Cat Clans and the Mallers. As for me, I tell both the Cats and the Mallers that I like them, for I won't pick sides. No one person can please everyone; so if you don't like someone why not just keep it to yourself instead of vocalizing it to the whole Whyville community and start a fight?

I hope my words may change some of your minds, and maybe help you think about how ridiculous some people on Whyville are acting and how low they'll go to hurt someone's feelings.

Signing off,
- dxdxdxdx


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