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Define Freedom

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Define Freedom

Times Writer

Hey all. Lilbeaut here. I am here to talk about something very important. Very, very important. I'm not talking about the selfish problems in Whyville people tend to complain about (me too, LoLz). I'm talking about something where it was so important to so many people, they gave their lives. They were willing to give them away for a brighter future for their children and many other relatives to come. This thing was called freedom.

Freedom. Freedom means: "The condition of being free from restraints." Freedom can be for so many things. Freedom can be in many places. Maybe they country you live in, or the freedom of thought. The freedom to live and like what you want, when you want it. Blackbox's article, Censorship In Whyville made me realize so many things I never thought could happen on a site.

Of course his article was about censorship and how we should get rid of it because it really doesn't help. (I hope I'm not messing up what he intended to say. Read it yourself.) But one paragraph read this:

    As it stands, Whyville is somewhere in a cross between a Communist state and a Dictatorship, with a bit more emphasis on Dictatorship. There is no democratically elected government (only the mysterious governing body known as "City Hall"), no free speech, and the general populous is expected to live on the streets while a high-profile select (or shall we say "lucky") few are allowed to live in Myville. That, and there is absolutely no legal system whatsoever; People can be fined, "muted", or even "executed" (i.e., be banished from Whyville) without even knowing what they did wrong. So how can we change that? Abolishing censorship would be a good start.

Right then it hit me. Dictatorship. Whyville isn't free. It is NOT free. One person and a few other lucky duckies (LoL) are in control. Newbies, oldbies, inbetweeners, all alike. None have a say in Whyville. Yes. Of course this is a site. Duh, we need a web-master which is City Hall. But that doesn't mean she needs to be in control of everything. She is doing a great job. I cannot fault her for that. But there are lots of people who would like to see Whyville run differently. More freely, as Blackbox said.

Here in Whyville, City Hall makes all the decisions. People of whom City Hall "elects" run everything. Who will be kicked out of Whyville, who will be taped, who will have a more powerful position (city workers). Is that free?

So here is what I'm proposing we do:

We elect, eh... let's say vote Whyville President. The people, common folk, us, elect them. Anyone can run for president. They have to have promises they will make and what they will do for their term (which by the way I think should be a few months.) Whoever wins, of course, gets to be President. The newly president also gets to choose its Vice President. Then we will have lots of other offices people can run for and vote for. Just like the U.S. does.

So I would really appreciate it if the Times Editor publishes this article, City Hall replies to my article saying whether we can do my idea or not and what she thinks of my whole "UN FREE WHYVILLE STRIKE." LoL. So what do you think?

Define Freedom.

This is Lilbeaut,

...Bending Rubber...


Times Writer Giggler01 submitted a very different opinion on this topic... where do you stand?



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