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My TV Stays On!

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My TV Stays On!

Times Writer

K, well if I can go another half hour it will be a week since I last made my sister cry. An entire week! That would be like a new world record. Well anyway, when the April 18th Edition of the Times came out, MediaWiz suggested a show, and I had to disagree with a part of it. (Sorry MediaWiz!)

Well, anyway, it was a show that started Monday, April 22nd and went through to April the 28th. It was on PBS and it was called "TV-Turnoff Week". Something included in the description was the following statement:

"It describes the campaign going on to convince you not to watch programs like the one tonight about fish, or the history of the real Scorpion King tomorrow, or the documentary about politically radical movies Wednesday, or the inside look at the N.Y. Stock Exchange on Thursday. (My theory is that the people who organized the anti-TV week are worried that you'll become a vegetarian, or a historian, or a socialist, or a capitalist. I mean, they think you can't resist acting out anything you see on TV. Whom do you agree with?)"

Well here's the scoop. In one of my first published articles it talked about being a vegetarian. I became vegetarian after two full weeks of no TV (no, that's a lie -- we watched "The Sandlot" in French). I was at French camp, where the food was questionable. One of the campers that I got to know very well was vegetarian. So, that made me stop eating meat.

People think that our biggest influence is the T.V. Here's a newsflash: my biggest influence is my peers. And not any peers, it's my closest friends! I have a mind of my own!

People think that television is a bad influence. Au contraire mes amis! Television can be a great learning experience! I have watched a ton of documentaries lately, and those can be very educational!

So I think that my TV set will stay on, thank you very much. I hope some people will see it this way, too. Oh dear! That world record I was trying to break will have to wait another week. What did I do now? This is Giggler01, going to try and solve this.

  Note from the MediaWiz: No need to apologize, Giggler! I agree with you -- I could hardly stand doing my job if I didn't think there was some great, educational and meaningful television out there. Glad to hear somebody's watching my suggestions! :)



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