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Animal Cruelty

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Hello Whyvillians. Today I was watching a commercial on TV about abused animals and I decided I wanted to get opinions from people on how they feel about this. This issue makes me very sad and when I see these commercials I just want to cry. So I asked some friends what they thought.

dxdxdxdx: What is your true opinion on animal cruelty?

Fantax3: I think animal cruelty is neglecting animals, hurting them physically, and saying rude things to them mentally because animals have feelings too.
Kittieme: I hate animal cruelty. Animals are living creatures just like humans, and deserve to be treated with respect.
Cathris: I think it's cruel.
Anionett: I think it's absolutely WRONG, and anyone who's cruel to animals should have the same thing done to them.

dxdxdxdx: Have you ever witnessed any acts of animal cruelty?

Fantax3: Yes, I have witnessed it.
Kittieme: I have not witnessed any acts of animal cruelty. The people I am around do not disrespect animals, thankfully.
Cathris: Not in person, no. I don't recall seeing any on television either.
Anionett: Not that I can remember.

dxdxdxdx: Have you ever done anything to help stop animal cruelty?

Fantax3: No I haven't, but I looked into the animals face and wished I could help.
Kittieme: If you call being nice to animals doing things to help animals, then yes!
Cathris: We had a donation jar to help stop it in 6th grade. I haven't done anything since.
Anionett: Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance, that I know of. If I could, I definitely would.

dxdxdxdx: When you see the ASPCA commercials, what is the first thing you start thinking?

Fantax3: I want to start crying when I see the ASPCA commercials.
Kittieme: "Man I like this song!"
Cathris: They're usually on when I'm eating dinner so the first thing I think is how disgusting it is. After some thought I wonder how anyone could possibly do something like that . . .
Anionett: I'll admit, I usually think something along the lines of "Why are they using all that money to make a ridiculous commercial when they could be donating to actually HELP stop and prevent animal cruelty?" Their hearts are in the right place, though.

dxdxdxdx: Have you ever watched the shows on Animal Planet about animal cruelty?

Fantax3: No I haven't.
Kittieme: I have not watched these shows.
Cathris: No, I don't have the stomach.
Anionett: No, I don't have cable or anything and I don't get Animal Planet.

dxdxdxdx: Do you think there's any way of stopping it?

Fantax3: If you don't think you can physically and mentally take care of an animal, you shouldn't have one because if you aren't physically and mentally stable around animals it causes animal cruelty.
Kittieme: I believe that by raising awareness and by respecting animals this cruelty will stop.
Cathris: I don't believe so. There's so many people out there doing it, it's nearly impossible.
Anionett: There's probably no easy way, but simple things like speaking out against it, and trying to keep animals in good homes and out of those sort of situations are the best things to do.

dxdxdxdx: Do you care about animals?

Fantax3: Oh my gosh, I love animals!
Kittieme: I care about animals to a certain extent. I believe that there are so many issues with human beings right now, that should focus on resolving those issues before branching out to other living beings, but animals don't need to be abused in the process of restoring humanity to society.
Cathris: Of course I do!
Anionett: YES! I'm a total animal lover.

Looks like many people in Whyville agree that animal cruelty needs to come to a stop, and that it's vile and crude. Though many say they care about animals, it is evident that the passion levels differ quite a bit here. I am an animal rights activist, signed up with a lot of associations in my neighborhood, and I donate as much money as I can. Make a difference and donate if you can, it helps animals lives.

An animal lover signing off,
- dxdxdxdx


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