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We all know how important it is to eat healthy. The food pyramid is a commonly known symbol of balanced eating. But a lot of people aren't eating like they should. When they get hungry, they pick up a bag of chips and a bottle of soda instead of an apple and a glass of water. Sure, it tastes better, but it is definitely not better for your body. The levels of obesity in the United States are astounding. Here with me today are booksRus, BayleeB, mylo9810, and SquaIIed to talk about why they think eating healthy is important and how you can make it easier to do.

tanibanan: Is healthy eating important to you? Why or why not?

booksRus: Yes, of course. When you are young, you develop eating habits that will follow you your whole life; it's crucially important to eat healthy and even more so at a young age.
BayleeB: In a way, yes and no. I just think that I really don't need to watch what I eat, but I try to keep my grains and protein since I don't eat any vegetables. I'm a really really picky eater so it is hard to watch what I eat.
mylo9810: I guess it's kinda-sorta important . . . I should probably eat healthier, though. I eat WAY too much junk food.
SquaIIed: Healthy eating in fact IS important to me. Without healthy foods the world would probably be filled with sick and fat people. Just a fact, oranges fill up a days worth of Vitamin C, so instead of buying a bunch of foods to raise your vitamin C level just eat an orange a day! Pears raise your Vitamin C level too, and also your copper! Pears are one of the first foods you can give a baby it lowers the baby's chances of any form of cancer. Hopefully I have convinced you to eat some kind of healthy food today!

tanibanan: Americans under 25 are the first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of diet-related illness. What is your opinion of this?

booksRus: Does Canada count as America? Well, since I'm from Canada, maybe we have different statistics . . . but overall as a general rule, that's terrible!
BayleeB: I think that statement is true because there are a lot more people out there overweight, which can cause many health issues. Also, the food we eat now is processed, fried, or has high amounts of sugar in it which can cause many different diseases.
mylo9810: The companies are coming up with more and more junk food nowadays, and in this generation I guess eating healthy isn't as much of a priority as it used to be, so I think it may just be true.
SquaIIed: Eating healthy has a big effect on the rest of your life, My opinion of this is that this is another reason why you should be eating healthier! Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

tanibanan: What are some ways that people could make eating healthy more enjoyable?

booksRus: Well, for me, I put cottage cheese in my salads and it makes it SOOOOO good; it's indescribable the sensations I get when eating that dish. Mbr< BayleeB: See, I think it's fun to eat healthy things that are in fun shapes. Yes, I am 15, but it's just one of those things. You can't resist eating something in the shape of a dinosaur or a bunny!
mylo9810: Something that I've done is to add something tasty to something not-so-tasty, such as adding peanut butter to celery or something. If it's not taste you're looking for and you just have a case of the munchies, try reaching for carrots instead of chips.
SquaIIed: The way I stay healthy is by eating healthy foods, even if I don't like them. I get the healthier version of foods (for example, instead of ice cream, I replace it with fruit popsicles.) And sometimes, I will just get a plate of healthy food and get a good dipping "sauce" and eat it (some good ideas are celery and peanut butter, or carrots and ranch instead of popcorn and butter or ice cream and whipped cream).

tanibanan: How do you think people could help others to become healthy eaters?

booksRus: Friends are a big influence. My friends go out and buy food from the cafeteria or we go out to Subway and then they share with me. I am obliged to try some and it's a continuous, never-stopping pattern of fatty foods and calories.
BayleeB: Well, I think influence is a big thing. I don't think kids nowadays are going to eat any healthier, but when they have kids we could try to teach them to eat healthy because we didn't do that in our time.
mylo9810: Eat healthy yourself! If you bring good food to lunch at school, it might rub off on people.
SquaIIed: A way to get someone to eat healthier is to play the "health game". It's where someone gets another person to eat healthy food varieties for a week, and if they make it to Sunday, they get a prize.

tanibanan: Any last thoughts?

booksRus: Eat healthy and drink water.
BayleeB: What I mean by "I am a picky eater" is I don't eat veggies, only select amounts of fruit, and nothing involving fish. Lets say I'm a spicy chicken, pizza eating, soft drink drinker kind of girl. Oh, and I won't forget my candy and funyons (I have a fast metabolism).
mylo9810: Good luck eating healthy!

I would like to thank booksRus, BayleeB, mylo9810, and SquaIIed for partaking in my interview. Eating healthy is not as hard as it seems, and if you set a goal for yourself, it's even better. So the next time you are searching the pantry for an after-school snack, reach for the peanut butter and vegetables. I'm sure that it will make all the difference.

Hungry for some fruit now,


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