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You're Beautiful

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You, yes you. The one reading this right now. Yes, you're a beautiful person. Never let anyone tell you different, because they'd be lying. You may be thinking, "How does she know if I'm beautiful?" But I'll tell you this. Appearances aren't everything. Psh, they're barely anything at all. Whether I know you personally, or don't know you at all; I know this. You're a beautiful individual and you deserve the best in life.

If someone tries to hurt you with their words, don't let it bother you. Maybe even think back to this, and hold your head up high. Be proud that you're who you are; because not one other person in this whole entire world is like you - not one. You're unique in your own way, you're an original piece, never to be copied or replicated; for you are your own self; and that's what makes you beautiful.

You might think I'm lying to you when I say this, and you may not listen to me. Your choice, but I'm not lying. I'm not writing this for my health; I'm writing it so each and every one of you know that you are a beautiful, unique individual and no one can ever take your place in life. Because, it's true! You might get bullied, tossed around at home, harassed. No one knows your true story but yourself. But underneath all those walls and all that protection you may have built around yourself, there's a beautiful, vulnerable person there. Don't ever settle for less, you deserve the best.

You may have had life easy so far, you may have had a rough life. Your story is not yet completely written; so write it the way you want to. To any of you who think you will be alone forever; there's someone out there for everyone. There is someone out there looking for their someone, which happens to be you. You may or may not know the person; but they're out there and you'll find them someday.

To any of you who think suicide is an option, you're on Earth for a reason. You were put here for a reason and leaving it would defeat that purpose. Don't give up on yourself; you deserve a chance at happiness. You may think it will never come for you; but it will. How do I know? I just do. I've been in a hole where I thought nothing was going to get better, and I was never going to be happy. Then I made friends on and off of Whyville, and met someone that I love very much and he makes everything better for me. That will happen for ALL of you, believe me when I say this. Listen to me and the words I'm saying to you, because I'm not just saying it. You all deserve the best in life. Yes you; you deserve all the happiness this world can give. Maybe you haven't received it yet, but it's coming. I promise. Always stay true to yourself and the ones who love you, and never change because you are a beautiful, original person the way you are and you never need to change.

I'll echo what I said in one of my previous articles. If any of you need anyone to talk to about ANYTHING, whether it be boys, girls, drama, rumors, family, death, anything; just know that I'm here for you and will try to help you with the best of my ability. Don't be scared to send me a Y-Mail and talk to me; I don't judge anyone and I'm a very open person. If any of you need anything, regardless of our past (if we have one.) I'll come running; I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Stay Beautiful.
- dxdxdxdx


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