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Alicia's Travels

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Alicia's Travels

Times Photographer

Hello Whyvillians!! Alicia here. Many of you probably know me for my pictures. Well, I'm here today to show you the many ways that Whyville has changed??and some of these ways aren't exactly for the better!

Three years ago, sometime in November of 1999, I saw my brother coming to this bright and colorful website, but he would never tell me the site. Of course then I was younger and didn't have the knowledge of a web browser that I do now. So one day I was looking at the address bar and saw this address www.whyville.net and decided maybe that's where David had been going. Well, it turns out that I was right. The more I came on, the more friends I made. I was so happy to be able to talk to people outside of my own state or even my own town.

Between when I first started three years ago and now, Whyville has greatly changed. All the new clothing that the citizens themselves make! Akbar used to make all the clothing and face parts. When I started, there wasn't a City Hall Building. There were only the basics. Here's a picture to show the way Whyville used to be, compared to the way it is now. Our clothes were so plain. We didn't even have bodies!

Now we can wear bodies and have all these new things we never had. Especially the City Hall!

Not only have the backgrounds and the faces changed, but so have the people! When I was new here, there had to be about 50 members. Everyone knew each other. No one was ever really mean to each other or taunted each other, because then we were all practically the same. We didn't have much, so we couldn't all be extremely different like we are today. I'll come on nowadays and my friends from back then don't really come on anymore... some days I just feel like I'm starting all over again.

I've been reading the Times a lot and have seen that there have been some articles about oldies and newbies. Well, the newbies can tell just by the way we dress if we are a newbie or an oldie. I'm also here to say that if you know who the oldies are, you should show some respect to them because there's a group of us that have helped City Hall make what Whyville has come to be today. Like the Times -- I was looking back into the first articles written by the people of Whyville and saw that my brother and a few of his friends were the ones who first wrote in the Times and submitted articles. If they didn't ask to, citizens might not be able to do what they can now. So please show some respect to us, the oldies in Whyville, because we've been with Whyville for a long time and have helped Whyville develop. I hope you can be with our town as long and do as much, too.

Okay well that's all I have to say.... Alicia, signing out now -- have a great day, everyone, and a special "Hello!" to City Hall and the Editor.



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