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Fact or Fiction: Aliens and UFOs

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There are all sorts of strange creatures and people on Earth. From the paranormal realm to the depths of the most peculiar bodies of water, odd doings and animals have been dumbfounding researchers for centuries. Today's article in "Fact or Fiction" is going to be about creatures that are out of this world, literally. Prepare to learn about some of the most interesting (and realistic) beings out there: Aliens

Aliens: what exactly are they? Are they tiny green men that live on Mars? Could they look just humans? Is it possible that they are living among us on Earth today? No one is quite sure the answers to these questions, but would you agree with me on the fact that it is highly improbable that Earth is the only place in space that has life? The idea of our planet being only place ANYWHERE that supports life is almost as far-fetched as the fact that creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster exist on Earth.

The popular magazine Newsweek recently took a poll on whether Americans believe in Aliens. A surprising 48% of voters believed that Aliens and UFOs do exist. 29% of voters believe that we as human beings have made contact with Aliens. Whether this is true or not, it goes to show how many people out there do believe in these beings.

Though Aliens have never been caught on camera, many people believe that they have an outward appearance close to this:

This is a replica of what aliens are believed to look like. Like I mentioned before, their outward appearance has never been recorded on film. Somethings that have been recorded on film, however, are their spacecraft: UFOs.

If you didn't know already, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects. These spacecrafts are exactly what they are called, unidentifiable. Many people have claimed to have seen UFOs in the night (and daytime) sky all around the world. Most of the time, their unidentifiable flying objects are oval-shaped, disk-like hovercrafts that are somewhat low in the atmosphere. Some UFO sightings have been proven false, but others remain a mystery.

There are TONS of UFO pictures out there, and most of them look similar to this one:

There was an incident in 2006 where a human skull was found on Mars. This information never really got out, and the origins of the skull remain a mystery. There also appears to be a small skull to the right of the human (or hominid) skull that has been identified as that of a dog.

Above is a zoomed-out version of the next picture, which shows the skulls better.

The questions of how the skulls got there and who they belonged to still remain unanswered.

To this day, Aliens and UFOs are big mysteries to the public. No one is quite sure if they even exist, but there are a lot of unidentifiable objects found in the sky, and there are lots of occurrences where people have claimed to have had alien contact. Whether these people are truthful or not, I know I can hardly pass up reading a good alien abduction story, believable or ridiculous. There is lots of proving and disproving evidence of Aliens and UFOs, but I would like to ask you just for yourself: Do you believe in Aliens and UFOs?

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