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Is City Hall Doing Their Job?

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Is City Hall Doing Their Job?

Guest Writer

Hi people, this is SupaDiva4 signing on to do her first article in the Whyville Times. (Just telling you that this is my first time, so... it might not be the best article in the world but I'll try to do my best)

People have been complaining about space in Whyville, and like most of you I agreed to some of the polls and articles people put up and wrote. Then I read an article in the Times about a person who accidentally clicked on the privacy statement (that no one probably reads) and she said that it states: 'If an account that has been inactive for 1 year or longer, all of this user information associated with the account is purged from our database.' So I thought, so why are we complaining? I mean, if an account is in active for a year, it's gone, so we have extra space, right?


Okay, I should tell a little mini story here... I was at City Records, just looking up some of my friends (like a lot of people do) and I decided to type in weird names and see if there are actually people named those names. So I did and I discovered that that privacy statement is NOT true!!!! Here are just a few people that I looked up that have been inactive forever!

  • qtpa2t -- 535 days ago!!
  • rosemary -- 609 days ago!!
  • Howdy -- 626 days ago!!
  • dogs -- last on in the year 2000!!
  • dude -- 823 days ago!!!

I think we should at least complain more about this than just complaining about something in general. We should tell them what we want done and tell it exactly! I'm saying that Whyville should do what they promise and not just say they are doing it, but we should see it be done with our own eyes!

I guess Whyville isn't doing what they are promising. And they know that we have been on them about deleting people to make more space. So why haven't they been doing what they said in the privacy statement? Well, I don't know, but I sure would like some answers and I bet you would too.

So, you all thought you should've stopped complaining earlier, huh? I guess you should rethink that. Shouldn't you?

This is Supadiva4 signing off....


Note from City Hall: Purging people from our database has nothing to do with how full Whyville is when you try to log on.

It's not how many total people who have registered on Whyville that's the problem. It's the number of people who are actually come on at the same time.

All the people chatting, looking in the satchels, checking their ledgers and such overloads our computer. If we didn't limit the number, our server would crash, and the database might get corrupted and Whyvillians would loose their precious possessions.

The only way to solve this problem is for us to make some money, real dollars not clams. That's why we offer Why-Passes.

We are asking Whyvillians to help their town by buying or bidding for Why-Passes. This will help us buy servers, pay our workers, and do all the things that we want to do for Whyville but just don't have the money for. I hope we can count on your support.

City Hall



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