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Ever Hear of Whyville?

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Oh Whyville. I remember when every chat room was full, yet everyone knew everyone. I remember when you could find someone on Whyville in any chatroom, at anytime of day. Now, only at the busiest time of the day can you find even one chatroom full. And I think I finally realize why.

A few years ago, I found Whyville from a friend, who had found it through a friend. That's how people found Whyville. Through friends. Nowadays, very few people tell their friends about Whyville, and as a result, very few people are on Whyville. Whyville has always been a fun place to not only meet people from across the country, but a place to talk to friends during bad weather; a place to see them after school.

I have become better friends with people thanks to Whyville. It has always been a place that my friends could sort of have secret; our hideout. Our place away from school that we could always go and hang out at. It's a great place to see friends.

Whyvillians, I would just like to say, I would encourage you to invite your friends to come here on Whyville. You will get to see them, plus, there will be more people to meet from everywhere. Always being able to meet new people, as well as being able to talk to people you already know is always a great thing to have on Whyville.

Off to talk to some friends,


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