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The Reef Has Been Saved!

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Thanks to the help of hundreds of Whyvillians, we have banded together, and accomplished a major goal. We have saved our reef. Congratulations, and thank you all.

At last count, over 2.3 MILLION clams were donated by almost 400 people. 16 articles also have made it into the Times, informing everyone of our progress. And, our crowning achievement: 19431 parts about Saving the Reef were worn around Whyville. That right there says how much we wanted to get the word out, even about a virtual reef. (Just think of what we could do by wearing clothes about a real one.) I am happy to say I designed one of the almost 300 face parts. Good job to all the writers, clam donors, face part wearers, and designers.

I hope you all have learned the lesson that was meant for us to learn. If we all band together, as citizens, friends, and families, we can accomplish a lot. Whyville did this to teach us about the reefs that are in our country, and to teach about helping the environment. I don't know about you, but I learned quite a bit from this experience. Hopefully, you will take Whyville's message to the real world. If you live in a city, maybe try doing something to reduce pollution. If you live near a forest, do something to save it. If you live near an ocean, try protecting it from pollution. And, of course, if you live near a reef, protect it. Save the reef. Please. You might be surprised at how much you and a few of your friends can accomplish. Maybe you will end up starting a major movement that helps to save our planet.

I would like to encourage you to go to the beach, and pick up litter. To go to those forests and protect them. Make sure you preserve the beautiful wild life we see. Do your part. Even a little can help.

Thank you all again so much, and remember, you can help.


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