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This Window

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I stare at the seemingly endless world. Oh, what I see out this window. It gives me a perspective. More than you'd imagine, coming from the girl next door.

It's given me life. A wisdom, one you'd never imagine that a window held. But it's not just a pane of glass, stained with the occassional rain drop, and a lot of dirt in the sill. It's so much more. It's a portal into reality. It offers me the sights I wouldn't normally see. They come randomly, at the oddest times. But they couldn't be more perfect.

When I sit on my bed, around seven o'clock every evening, I get the most beautiful view of the sunset over the western mountains from this portal. The snow capped peaks, unusual around this time, glisten. I'm far away from them, but I feel like I could touch them. They tower over me, offering me strength, giving me support when I'm at my lowest. Oh, this window.

And when I rest on my chair, reading a book, I can see straight out, at my neighbors. They've always seemed perfect to me, across that cul-de-sac. But I see into those personal lives. Their fights, their parties, their drama. It's always made me feel like my misfit family never really belonged anywhere in society. I get it now; none of us do. In all truthfulness, everyone is a freak, no matter how perfect you seem. And honestly, society is nothing but a word to describe how men and women and children combine to thrive. Oh, this window.

When I'm at my desk, writing down random quotes that come to mind, I look behind my shoulder at the night. Fear engulfs me as I see my bedroom light filter out across the front yard. A homeless man runs past, scrounging for food. My heart shatters but I can't do anything. I'm told not to go out at night, especially after the local murders. But still, I see the pain that everyone suffers from at one point or another during their life span.

This window offers me things I normally wouldn't see. Pain, imperfections, and strength fill the air. It makes the world go round, and humans function.

I may feel useless now, but I just need to look at that window every once in a while. It'll change my perspective.

Maybe it could change yours.


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