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Melfire and Hydrandy

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Once upon a time, in meadow not so far away, two kids named Melfire and Hydrandy were sitting, bored. Now, these weren't your ordinary pair of kids (they were a bit on the crazier side than most . . .), they possessed special powers to control certain elements. Melfire had the ability to control water, and Hydrandy was the master of fire! Er . . . wait, just kidding. I think it was the other way around, but I'm not 100% . . . Well, you're smart people, FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN!

To ease the boredom, Melfire and Hydrandy decided to go to South Beach and tortu - I mean "have fun" with the humans there, oh - and their giraffes. Can't forget the giraffes!

So, the two made their merry way on down to the beach, and spotted a nice group of humans to mess with. Uh-oh, my trouble senses are tingling!

OH NO! Hydrandy is flooding the beach, and Melfire is . . . ummm, burning it? Burning water. Is that even possible? Well, don't look at me, it's only a story. Weird things happen in stories; people flying, dogs talking, and ladies who grow beards out of their eyebrows. You just have to go along with these things.

*Sigh* Well, Melfire and Hydrandy did it. They flooded and burnt down the beach, along with all its inhabitants. Next time somebody cyber-bullies you, be glad Melfire and Hydrandy weren't there. All that was left was a lone screaming giraffe. Poor guy. So, Melfire and Hydrandy proceeded to make their escape.

Oh, how the irony runs thick. As I'm sure you're all aware, the average car doesn't drive through water. So, Melfire and Hydrandy began to sink, "DOWN DOWN DOWN to the bottom of the sea! We'll hook up with Spongebob, and his snail Gary!" *Ahem*

Well, that was your musical entertainment for the day, hope you enjoyed. Now, to get back on track, THE GIRAFFE IS OK! Woo! Doesn't matter what else happens: shark attack, forest fire, dropping the last jelly donut - everything is just fine and dandy as long as the giraffe is ok! Well, maybe not the donut one . . .

Taking a little peak at South Beach, server I, *gasp* we see people! Apparently none of them had really gotten hurt, they just switched servers! Well, I guess Melfire and Hydrandy learned their lesson, never make fun of the giraffes.

Well, that's my story! PEACE OUT HOME SKILLET BISCUITS! Or as the Spanish would say, "Adios"!



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