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Saving Whyville: Part 1

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Whyville has always been the best place on Earth . . . to some of us. Before I tell the story of how Whyville was saved, I must say that at one time it was the funnest place to be. People loved it there! But one day, Whyvillians started being abducted near Whyville West.

At first, I didn't know what to think of the stories. I couldn't make a decision whether they were true or not. My friends, though, they're all way braver than me. They didn't believe it, even though some Whyvillians had gone missing really close to the locations of the "abductions". Aliens weren't my biggest problem, though. I live in a safe place. But aliens are smart, right? And I heard the aliens could crush you with their bare hands!

My friends and I were way too tough to be abducted, though. We didn't believe those stories, and if they were true we could take those aliens down in a heartbeat! We may be small, but we're stronger than you could imagine! One time, we left our water bottles in the freezer and all the caps got stuck. It only took three tiny hours to get the caps off! Aliens don't have nothing on us. We were all hanging out at Whyville West when all of a sudden the weirdest thing happened . . .

So after we helped the creature out of the flag (he tore a hole in it!), he was too shocked to answer any of our questions. He just stared and finally got the strength to speak, but by then our camera's battery had died! Next time, we'll bring two cameras and repeat the questions. What will the alien say? Will he lead us to yet another destination?

Until next time, Whyvillians!


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