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Catch That Cat

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It was an average Whyville day. Melanie and Esteban were playing a wholesome game of "Catch That Cat" like any two normal Whyvillians would do on any normal day. I just came back inside from a friendly game of it, myself. 7-3, oh yeah!

In the middle of this innocent game, something weird started to happen! Melanie went to throw the cat when all of a sudden, it started to fly up, up, and away! He wouldn't come back down and started going higher and higher up into the sky, umm . . . -er. Sky-er. That's right, it rhymes! I know you're all jealous of my beautiful poetic skills.

Melanie and Esteban stood and watched their cat . . . Mr. Unicorn Butts? Wow, what a name. I feel sorry for THEIR future children.

Anyway! They stood and watched their cat fly off, and golly gee, were they confused! Lemme tell ya folks, the only thing weirder than naming your cat Mr. Unicorn Butts is when he starts to fly away. So the two kids decided to chase after him to get to the bottom of this weird mystery.

So Melanie and Esteban ran after their cat for miles and miles all across Whyville, until they got to the Bazaar. Now, I think we can all truthfully admit, when you're in Whyville, it's not very likely that you'll see a cat flying across the sky everyday so, boy, were they shocked! One girl even started speaking Spanish! You know you're in a pickle when you start to hear Spanish, verdad?

The frightened citizens fled the shopping center in fear of the flying cat, except for one person. But when she came up to talk to Melanie it was in Spanish! Where's google translate when you need it?

Oops. Apparently this girl was bilingual. It is now a proven fact: speaking slowly and loudly is unfortunately not a universal language. If someone doesn't know English, it's not gonna help. If they DO know English, well then - have fun looking like a moron!

Ooh, how nice, the Spanish speaking girl offered to help Melanie and Enrique on their search to retrieve their flying cat! Now, they must hurry if they want to catch that cat!

I agree, what's a cat chasing adventure without a super fantabulous group name! And what better name to have than the Mighty Morphin' I Don't Cares?!

So, after establishing a group name, the trio frantically rushed off to find Mr. Unicorn Butts.

Will the Mighty Morphin' I Don't Cares ever get Mr. Unicorn Butts back? Where's that little kitty headed to anyways? And HOW is he flying? How do YOU think he's flying?

Well, personally, I think an apple sounds good right about now, so join us next time on "Catch That Cat!" Bye-bye! Or as the Spanish would say, "Adios!"



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