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Depression Kills

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The world is a harsh, desolate place that we all must inhabit. It screams its silent laughs of hatred as you rest your tired head on the warm pillow in your cold household. You cannot fall asleep; it tears at the walls of your consciousness, laughing at your weakness. It is like a mosquito, drinking in your last chance of happiness and pouring back the poison of the world, enabling your disease to feed. You're depressed, and you do not know where to go.

Major depressive disorder is a real disease that settles in the minds of people in all situations. The world walks past you, avoiding eye contact, and calmly tells you that it is simply a phase. They will tell you that time can heal any wound, but in reality, depression is much different. It is a change in ones very being, and the symptoms may last for years. It is a chemical offbalance in the brain that can cause people to feel extremely sad, hopeless, guilty, worthless, and many more unpleasant feelings.

With depression, you are trapped in a world of anger, sadness, and lies. You feel all alone, unwanted, and often feel the need to hurt yourself. Perhaps you want to feel in control of simply one thing in your life, or you want to match the pain outside with the pain inside. Or maybe it is a statement, a plead for your sanity. Whatever reason it may be, you felt it necessary to slice through the delicate skin that holds you so dearly. Your depression has called for battle, and won.

As alone as you may feel, you are certainly not. An estimated 1 in 4 Canadians has a degree of depression serious enough for treatment at some time in his or her life. Take you and your 3 closest friends. Statistics say that one of you is battling with a life altering sadness that's making every day darker than the last.

If you think you may have depression, do not ignore it, enabling it to grow. Talking to somebody can help you get better significantly. Whether you have depression or not, please, take this seriously. You very likely know somebody with depression, and chances are you will know somebody who commits suicide sometime in your life. Remember, a lot of people your age are hurting. You are not alone. Life is the ultimate war; do not let yourself lose by letting depression win.

Author's Note: I live every day facing this battle. Depression runs through both sides of my family. My mom takes antidepressants, my dad is the type to keep quiet, and the one brother that I do have a relationship with is so deeply affected by this that he feels as though his life is no longer worth living.

Source: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/english/public/pub/mental/depression.html


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