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Fresh Looks for Summer

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Well, Whyvillians, school has ended and summer is finally here! For many of us that means trading in our school uniforms for shorts, t-shirts, and sandals; for others it means sitting by the pool all day, hanging out with friends, or spending free time just enjoying doing nothing (which is extremely refreshing after a stressful school year). I have some tips so that you girls out there can look your best in your summer clothes, no matter what activities you plan on doing this summer.

This outfit is a transition from a feminine spring look to a feminine summer look. The main theme of this outfit is floral prints. It includes a lot of pink, the key feminine color. The outfit also contains a vintage effect due to its pale colors, the antique ring (which gives an elegant yet adorable addition to an outfit, almost resembling something that once belonged to your grandmother, which is completely nostalgic). This outfit will keep you looking effortlessly beautiful, no matter where your travels take you.

Top: $13 Old Navy
Skirt: $24 Old Navy
Shoes: $22 ASOS
Sandals: $5.80 Forever 21
Bag: $35 Aldo
Sunglasses: $38 Top Shop
Ring: $28 Fantasyjewelrybox.com

If you wear this outfit, you're definitely prepared for a day at the beach. This outfit has so many cool, boho elements, from the aviators to the fringe mini-messenger bag. The sandals also go along with the beach theme and the knit portion of them will also standout (but in a good way, I promise). The simple blue jean shorts with the equally simple, yet ruggedly-oversized tee makes the outfit super casual. But if you still wanted to go along with the boho-beach theme but be slightly less casual, you could substitute the shorts and tee for a tank top and a floral (or plain) maxi skirt.

Top: $20 dELiA's
Shorts: $36 Volcom
Belt: $50 Lucky Brand Jeans
Shoes: $30 Evanity.com
Bag: $50 Endless.com
Sunglasses: $7.50 Wet Seal

This outfit will be perfect for both morning and late night jogs, when the weather is cooler. The sweatshirt is super comfy and almost lazy-looking, but the vibrant yellow color makes it adorable. Even if you get warm in the sweatshirt, you can just take it off and you have a simple white tank top underneath. I especially love the tennis shoes because of both the color and the comfortable look they give off. The simple black headband is pretty essential to keep your hair out of your face while you exercise, the purple flip-flops will give you support and rest for your feet after a hard run, and the shorts will keep you nice and cool during a long run.

Tank Top: $30 Nike
Sweatshirt: $45 Nike
Shorts: $32 Top Shop
Sandals: $28 Gap
Shoes: $45 Foot Locker
Headband: $14 Lacoste

I really hope you got some inspiration out of this article and liked it, I had so much fun writing it, it's unbelievable! I would like to give a special thanks to Mon3ysign. Her article "Fashions for Fall" was the inspiration behind this article, and her clever use of Polyvore.com gave me the idea to use it as well in my articles to create the outfits. I hope you all have a fantastic summer and enjoy it, because you all deserve it!



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