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Canucks Fans in the Stands if You're With Us Clap Your Hands

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All you hockey fans out there, you undoubtedly know that it's the Stanley Cup Finals! Two teams are competing for the cup, one American team vs. one Canadian Team. The two teams that are in the Stanley Cup Finals are the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks.

The score between the two teams so far is 3-2 in favor of the Vancouver Canucks. They have won all three of their games in Vancouver, and lost both of their games in Boston. The next game is Monday June 13th in Boston. If the Canucks win this game, they will win the Stanley Cup. If they lose, the series will be tied and they'll be coming to Vancouver to play game 7 which will be the final game.

So there's the information you need to know for the games! But here's the thing, I'm not writing this to just talk about the games. I'm writing this to inform you of the treatment that Vancouver Canucks fans have been receiving in Boston.

Some Canucks fans who went to watch the hockey games in Boston received some very disturbing treatment throughout the game. They reported that during the games, many Boston fans were pelting them with food, squirting them with ketchup and mustard, and even going to the extremes of urinating on them. These are all minor things believe it or not. After one of the games, a pair of Canucks fans were riding in a taxi home, and their taxi was stopped and several Boston Bruins fans were trying to drag the Canucks fans out of the taxi!

Due to all these issues, Vancouver Canucks fans residing in Boston have been encouraged to not wear their Canucks jerseys around for their own safety. This has not been an issue in Vancouver! Even when the Boston Bruins would win games there were no Bruins fans getting attacked in Vancouver!

You should be able to show what team you're rooting for without being in danger.

I would like to ask any Canucks fans or Boston fans to remain respectful of the opposing teams fans. No one should feel threatened because of a hockey game.

Bruins fans in the Vancouver stands if you're with us clap your hands!
Canucks fans in the Boston stands if you're with us clap your hands!

Thank you.
-ocean10kv . . . GO CANUCKS GO!


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