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Saving Whyville: Part 2

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Alright, guys, we're back but we have to whisper. That little alien brought us here and said to be quiet, that he'd return. I guess we were a little naive to hang out so close to the alien abduction place, but what can we do now?

Anyway, the little guy went back and (thankfully) got us another camera and our camera batteries. He said there are a lot of storms here, but he also said he didn't mean the kind Earth has. I didn't know what that meant, but I hope it's good, because we're all bored as ever sitting in this tiny room . . . still hiding.

The alien came back and finally agreed to answer yet another wild group of kids. Yet another? Don't ask . . .

DARN! The little alien was JUST about to come back, too!

We dyed him. The dye was a little less effective than sedatives would have been, but it seemed to shock him enough for us to get free. He was gonna do all kinds of tests on them! Pinky sort of . . . fell, but hey, that's the cost of a little danger, right? I hope we don't have to meet that one again. His natural color didn't fit him though. I think a monster green would have been better (hence the dye!).

I've never been so afraid in my life! My friends looked ready to pee their pants. If any Whyvillians are out there reading this, could you help us out a little? Tell us some real good hiding places, 'cause this place is creeping me out!!! Have you ever imagined the grouch with a smaller head? That's exactly what Arnold (the little alien) looks like! He . . . uh . . . his hair was a wig to fool us . . .

Don't forget those hiding places,


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