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I Love You

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There's always that one person in your life who you do everything with. The person, who you always shared a good laugh with, a memory, or a thought.

There's always that one time in your life where you go through a life-sickening pain. The person, who you did everything with, is destroyed.

Friendship. Friendship can be an amazing gift to receive, but is also very challenging. If you know what it's like to lose someone very special in your life, you're not alone. I, for one, recently lost the person who will always be in my heart, no matter the words, thoughts, rumors, or drama that ever occurred between us.

The first day we met, was the first fight we got into. Shortly after, we apologized, and became friends.

As we became closer, and closer to one another, we could share secrets with each other. This was the time when I felt like I betrayed the one person I loved and cared for. We got through this sickening pain, and learned that we needed to stick together, and trust one another.

Now, we were best friends. We shared EVERYTHING with each other. Memories. Thoughts. Words. Laughs. Ignoring the rumors and drama between us and the world, our love and care continued to grow each and every day.

As our special bond grew and grew, the world became silent. We hadn't spoken in 3 months, which to me felt like we had lost touch for good. As the day came, we shared another moment with each other. But this time, it was the end. Despite the rumors, the world challenged me to accept the fact that I will never, ever, be friends with the person I always loved.

We got into a final argument. It broke down to severe thoughts, of hate, and betrayal.

As sweat dripped across my forehead, I couldn't help myself. I ruined the bond even more. Our friendship was now hardship. Never, again, will I be able to share the memories, laughs, thoughts, and love that I once had with this person.

If it's one thing to lose someone, it's another thing to be misunderstood. I faced misjudgment, and hate. I guess we were both the same. We both said horrible things to each other. Things I wish I could go back and redo. Could it be? We met in a fight, and ended in a fight? We re-lived this horrible moment.

Now, the world remains the same, life goes on, but that one person that has always been in my life is gone. My heart feels empty. What am I going to do? Fighting won't cut it. All I want to say is, I love you.

Author's Note: 148 tissues were used during the process of writing.


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