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Romeo and the Little Mermaids

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Two families, both alike in mermaidness,
In fair Whyville where we lay our scene,
From ancient betrayal comes unfriendliness
Where many donuts lead to death unclean . . .

Did you guys understand that? Because I got a headache just typing it. ANYWAY! Romeo and Juliet wanted nothing more than to eat donuts with each other, but their families were in an ever lasting feud.

While their parents were battling each other, Romeo and Juliet decided to sneak away and eat donuts with each other. Little did they know, Ariel, Romeo's past donut lover, was watching them from afar and still dearly loved Romeo.

Juliet left to go get Starbucks, and Ariel quickly moved in. But, what is this? Romeo eating donuts with another lady?!

Ariel left after a while because she had an appointment at the seahorse groomer. Back to Romeo where - WOAH! First Juliet, then Ariel, and now URSULA!? Man, get some standards! Who eats donuts with 3 girls, in one day? That's low, lower than those filthy people who pet more than one dog in the same day. I mean, you just don't do that. Am I right?!

Just as Romeo and Ursula were about to share their 142nd donut together, Ariel and Juliet came bursting into the room to find that their one and only donut eating lover was sharing his donuts with another girl! Not even a cherry popsicle could make them happy now, and we all know that cherry popsicles solve almost every problem. Unfortunately, before Juliet got the chance to avenge herself, she got ran over by a golf cart. Aww, too bad.

Meanwhile, Ariel and Ursula were NOT happy. They weren't going to let some other girl steal their Romeo! They decided to battle it out for their dear donut eating lover outside.

So the three went outside, but before they got the chance to battle, Squidward came rising out of the waters and began to play his clarinet! OH NO! They sound was so terrible that Ariel and Ursula fell over and died. Romeo luckily had water in his ears to avoid the torture.

Romeo was heartbroken, all his donut eating lovers had died! While he was crying, a piano came fallling out of the sky and landed right on top of him!! Weird right? WRONG! It's Romeo and Juliet, everyone dies. Duh. Honestly though, I pity the fools. They should've read the prologue!! "Where many donuts lead to death unclean". It flat out told them they were gonna die! Should've made a run for it while they had the chance . . .

Oh well! That's it for our sto- hold up a minute . . .

Wow, I guess Ursula wasn't dead after all! It must've been her awesome Ursula powers that saved her! With Romeo, Juliet, and Ariel out of the way, there was an abundance of donuts left over so, Ursula and the piano lived happily ever after.

The end!


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