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The Lovely Lily

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In many places, June flowers are some of the most beautiful blooms of the year. One of the most popular June flowers in my region, the Midwestern United States, is the lily. A lily is a large and beautiful flower that comes in many colors with different sized green-tinted leaves. There are orange lilies, pink lilies, red lilies, white lilies, and even multi-colored ones. Each of these colors comes with a special meaning. Lilies are perfect for weddings, landscapes, and simply admiring, which makes them one of the most popular summer flowers around the world.

As it was previously mentioned, lilies have several different colors that have their own meanings. Knowing the meanings of the lilies can help if you perhaps wanted to choose a color to display at a wedding, or at a different special ceremony or celebration.

White Lilies: Purity and Innocence

Pink Lilies: Admiration and Infatuation

Red Lilies: Love and Passion

Orange Lilies: Respect and Honor

Yellow Lilies: Happiness and Being Carefree

(Please note that the blossoming yellow flowers are not actually lilies, but a very close relative called day lilies. I had to use this picture because the yellow lilies in my yard, shown above, are not in bloom yet.)

The lilies shown in the chart are "pure", which means that they are more than likely the offspring of two flowers that come from the same species. Flower breeding is like human breeding in a way. If a yellow lily and a white lily produce offspring, there is a chance that it will be all yellow, all white, or a peachy color.

One of my favorite mutated lilies in my yard is this one. I'm not even sure how it got to be this way, but I think it's gorgeous.

I hope you have learned a bit about lilies and their meanings. I am fascinated by symbolic and mutating flowers, so learning about the lily has helped me grow my love for flowers and their history. They are cheap to buy, easy to grow, and very interesting to watch live. Though I appreciate many kinds of flowers, I think it is safe to say the lily is my favorite one yet.

Author's Note: I apologize if the picture quality of the lilies is not the best. I took these pictures with my iPod, the only picture-taking device I have currently, and I know that they do not have the best quality. I still thought that it would be better to use them versus online pictures, because I feel that seeing a lily in its natural habitat is best (instead of in a greenhouse or staged garden) when learning about the beautiful species.

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