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New Adventures

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Author's Note: The reason I am writing this as an anonymous writer is not because I am ashamed or embarrassed, rather because I don't think it matters who I am or who I was, but who I have become.

Yesterday was my last day of middle school. I didn't realize I would be so emotional. The last few weeks of school I was ready to get out. But now that I'm out, I'm not so sure that it's really what I want.

My time spent in this school has really changed who I am. I've had some amazing teachers and made some amazing friends. However, seventh grade was a little shaky for me. I felt a lot of pressure to be perfect. I tried to fit in with people that didn't accept me for who I was, but for someone that I was trying too hard to be. At the time, I thought it was the right thing for me. I tried to become someone that I absolutely was not. I lost interest in many things that I have now realized are what I love the most. I left my best friends practically in the dust, my grades began to slip, I just wanted to live my life. I decided I wanted to quit band in eighth grade. I absolutely hated my band teacher in seventh grade. I wasn't interested in music anymore. I lost interest in playing lacrosse, one of the things I looked forward to every week at the beginning of seventh grade. I'm sure everyone but me saw me change in a bad way. Looking back, there was nothing good about my seventh grade year.

My eighth grade year was a completely different story, though. It has changed me for the better. I went back to my old friends, and made a few new ones. I continued to play lacrosse and made some amazing friends through that team. One of them is now my best friend, who I have had so many great memories with in just this one short year. I will not be continuing on with lacrosse, though. I am honestly not very good at it, and it's not much fun when nobody passes the ball because you can't catch it and when you're the only one on your team who hasn't made a goal (especially when you have played for two years). I continued on with band, despite my past want to quit. I had the most amazing teacher this year, better than any of my past school teachers. I learned so much from her, both music and life lessons. She's taught me more than I think anyone else has ever taught me. I have fallen in love with playing the bass clarinet. I already can't stand not having my own to play over the summer. Our last day of band, the day before the last day of school, I was crying like crazy. These people have become my second family. I am especially going to miss my teacher. I know my teacher next year is a great teacher, but I am going to miss my teacher from this year a lot. As me and my friend, who was also crying, left the music room for the last time, our teacher told us two simple words:

"New adventures"

Moving on after these two years is tough. The people and the school itself have become almost a security blanket to me. I don't want to leave. I am more nervous than ever for high school. It will be completely different from middle school. I'm nervous to have to take college classes in high school, which will lead to having a college degree before I even graduate high school. But these past two years have prepared me for high school.

I'm ready to take on new adventures.


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