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The Bad BC (Bribing Contest!)

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Once upon a time, in an evergreen close to home, a young man decided to host a 10 million and 1 clam BC.

Everyone was extremely excited for this fun event and lined up, eager to win, even the pandas of Whyville. But - OOH, butter my rump and call me toast! The panda's offering up a bribe! Will the host play along?

When the BC started, the waiting crowd got a big surprise. The first theme was HORSESHOE! How the fluffer nutters do you do that? And with 5 seconds? This dude is crazier than my cat filled up on cat nip, and wooooaaaaaah Nelly, you do NOT wanna see that.

So, everyone got on their horseshoes in the 5 seconds that they had, except for panda who didn't seem to be too into it, but nevertheless, she still made it through the round!

The next theme wasn't much of a step forward, but at least he extended the time!

With such a little time limit, the crowd didn't get to execute the theme very well. Except for the panda of course. She did pretty well with her invisible scarves . . .

So the host picked the people who would go through to the next round, leaving out what seemed to be two of the prettier contestants over the panda and her invisible scarf, and um . . . barbie boy over there. Why he made it through, I'll never know.

For the very last theme, the host had a doozy picked out - a not a panda theme! Oh what were those silly humans ever going to do?! Of course, panda had it easy. Psh, what's easier than a panda doing a not panda theme? Nothing!

And the winner is PANDA! Woo! Man, what a surprise, right? Well, that just goes to show you folks. When you meet green haired dude with glasses running BCs, always offer to exchange 2 clams for 10 million and 1, for they might just agree.

That's all we have for today! Adios!



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