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Vision of a Blind Man

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Imagine a color unlike any you've ever seen before. A color that cannot be found on the spectrum. No form of red, yellow, or blue. Not black nor white, not dark nor light. Does such a color exist? It does, I've seen it.

Right now I expect that you are trying to picture this color in your mind. This my friend, will be a failed attempt. The mind cannot show you what you have not experienced. Have you ever tried to describe the color red to a man who has been blind since birth? Perhaps you would describe it as the color of a perfect apple, or the velvety color of a rose, or maybe even the glossy lipstick of a showgirl. But would any of these things actually be describing the color? Colors are used to describe things, but how can one describe a color? You can't. It's something you simply have to experience. That is why you cannot just imagine this unseen color, it's something you must experience.

But to experience such things, there is a price you must pay. A toll to expand your knowledge. What would you give up to see such a wonder? Money has no value in a case like this. No, to gain you must give up something of equal value. What would you give? Your arm? Your leg? How about your sight? Would you trade your eyesight to view only a glimpse of a color like no other? Would you give up seeing the faces of your loved ones, of seeing nature, of seeing the world? I did. I gave up the gift of vision to see it. I gave up my memories of the colors known to man. I traded the blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the yellow of the sun to see this brand new extraordinary color. Would you do the same? No, I didn't think so. There are few humans on the earth who would make the sacrifice.

That's what makes my loss so great. I've seen what no one else has, my knowledge has been expanded much more than that of the most educated scholar. I know more than man and no one can even begin to comprehend what I have seen. I made the sacrifice. But to the world, I am just a lowly blind man sitting on this park bench who has seen nothing at all.

Author's Note: Yes this is my story that won in Mottie124's story contest in the BBS.


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