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One on One with Lopan

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Hello guys. I've always been so interested in the City Workers. I thought since I always y-mail them and get along with them, then why don't I do an interview with my best buddy Lopan who was Banana-splitting to answer the many questions I asked him!

XxFUZZxXx: Hello Lopan, So what encouraged/inspired you to become a City Worker and knowing you can be a role model for the kids who play Whyville??

Lopan: Well I was hanging from my tree one day, basking in the sunlight, and I thought to myself "hmm, what should I do today? I know! I'll be a City Worker!" Bam and then I was a City Worker.

Surely that won't happen to us!

XxFUZZxXx: Have you met anyone in particular who you have made friends with during your journey on Whyville?

Lopan: I've met lots of people and find all of them interesting in some way or another.

I bet you have Lopan since the Whyville community is such a polite, funny and friendly people to hang around and get to know. Especially the children!

XxFUZZxXx: Did you play Whyville when you were younger or ever knew about it???

Lopan: Nope, I was too busy enjoying the sun's rays while ripening on the tree

XxFUZZxXx: How is it being a City Worker?

Lopan: City Workers are some of the best people I know!

XxFUZZxXx: What's the best thing about being a City Worker?

Lopan: Lots of things, I can't say I have a best thing I like about it.

XxFUZZxXx: What would you like to say to the children who play Whyville and enjoy themselves also getting ready for their future?

Lopan: There are a great many things to experience and learn in this world, Whyville shouldn't be more than a small percentage of that.

Also, you should try to max out your salary. It's free clams once you do!

Thanks Lopan! If you see that very very ripe banana hanging around Whyville, make sure you say, "Hi" to him but please don't turn him into a banana smoothie. He is super funny and another cool City Worker that cheers you up. Hmmm . . . Maybe one day you or I may be a City Worker like Lopan! (but not a banana!)



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