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Bullying is out of hand when it comes to children and teens of our generation. For every 10 friends you have, statistics show that 2 of them will either be depressed or suffering from low self esteem or bullying. You know that really pretty girl that you sit next to in biology? Her home life is a mess, and her boyfriend is abusive. But she doesn't say anything she just takes it all in silence and hopes things will get better. But after a while, she even stops hoping. Her friends notice a difference in her. She doesn't go out on Friday nights and her grades are slipping. What if that girl, was you?

We all have struggles in life. I mean, were teenagers, aren't we supposed to have some rebellious stages? Yep! But not the way some kids resort to. Some teens turn to drugs, alcohol, and even sex! This is NOT the way to deal. How can you help? Let's find out, shall we?

There are many ways to get help for either you or your friend if you're suffering from depression or are being bullied. Let's look at a few of them.

1) Tell a trusted adult or older friend. Yeah you heard it, I'm telling you to go an tell someone about all your issues. You don't think it will work? It does! I've done it!

2) If you don't want to tell a grown up, confide in a friend! Even if they're a friend right here in Whyville, getting everything off your chest for someone to hear, can be a huge stress reliever. Don't ask for advice or pity, just tell them you want to vent.

3) Find something that makes you happy, and spend 45 minutes a day doing it! Whether you like to read, write poetry, or play the guitar, find some time each day to do what you want. Doing something you enjoy or are good at, can help build confidence.

In addition to the ideas I've listed above, there are also many online resources available. All of them are aimed for teens just like you. Here are a few to start with.

TWLOHA.com (To Write Love On Her Arms)
Seventeen.com/Demilovato (love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect campaign)

These are just a few of the ways you can either get help for you or a friend or just get information to raise awareness. I hope you find a way to help your loved ones from reading this article.

Until next time, MeBeLizzi.

Author's Note: I'd like to thank my best friends Courtney, Val, and Seth. And my boyfriend Rocky for helping me get through all my struggles. Without you guys I would never be writing this article to help others with problems like I've faced.


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