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Let's Make a Dealio: Whyville Edition

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Hello Whyvillians! After seeing the popularity of "What Would You Do: Whyville Edition," JCRF and Xion2 (us) have decided to bring the show "Let's Make a Deal" to life here on Whyville.

If you have never seen the show, good luck! It is pretty hard to explain. Basically, we invite people up to give stuff away. They choose which curtain, or box, or envelope they want, and we offer them other stuff for it, and see what they get. Sometimes, they go home with a new scion. Sometimes, they go home with a new face part. And sometimes, they go home with a ZONK! A zonk is basically garbage. That is why you can't be too greedy on the show, because you might go home with nothing! And it all leads up to the Big Deal of the Day! Someone is going to risk it all, no zonks, but no guarantees. Basically, whoever gets there has a chance at getting 2 really nice things, or one thing worth A LOT! And our one thing this is week was worth OVER 24,000 CLAMS!

Today, we are giving out OVER 30,000 CLAMS in cash and prizes. We started off by meeting in Soma Studios.

Now, the problem was, Soma Studios couldn't fit scions. YES, THAT'S RIGHT! We are giving out scions. (And yes, we know you can't give out a scion. We are giving out however much the scions are worth, and trusting whoever gets the clams to actually get a scion . . . No hard feelings if they decide to buy something else.) We invited our first contestant, Doodle971, up to make the first deal.

She was given a small choice - she could have had all the parts that face 1 had or face 2. (She didn't know which they were. They were hiding in a different room.) Well, she went with two, and ended up passing up on a great new hair and face. Did she go home with something better? Let's see.

NO! Sorry! She went home with our first Zonk - a Jay Leno head. (No offense Akbar, some of your parts are better than others . . .) She had a good time, at least.

Then, we invited up our 2nd contestant, jts2000. He had a similar choice to Doodle's - one thing or another. We gave him a hint to one - it was worth more then 200 clams. Little did he know, it was actually a scion, worth 13,008 clams. Well, he decided not to go for the "200 clam" item, and ended up with . . .

ANOTHER ZONK! This time, it was a Newbie face, worth nothing! SO CLOSE to winning the scion, right? Oh well, better luck next time! Hope you had fun!

Next up, we had xoxkitkat. We would just like to take a second to thank her. She, using her own clams on behalf of the great POC, donated 50,000 clams to "Let's Make a Dealio." We just really wanted to thank her! SO ANYWHO! Again, we gave her a similar option. She could have one new face or the other.

So, she passed up on the weird cow . . . oh, darn. Well, let's see what she went home with!

She got a . . . nicer hair, and 1000 clams, a total worth of about 1.1k. Ok.

Well, after that, it was time for the Big Deal of the Day! Someone would have to give up all they won for a shot at the big deal. They could go home with something worse, could come up with something worth WAY MORE!

Now, CatgoRawr had won something earlier, (I sadly didn't get any screenshots) and had a total of 3k. She decided to risk all of that, and go for the big deal. Anyway, Cat had to pick curtain A, B, or C. She chose C.

We had made a few screenshots of the rest of this, but somehow our computer sort of messed up, and we ended up having to delete them. Curtain A had a "Let's Make a Dealio" vault. Inside, was 5,000 clams to be used at Akbar's. So, she didn't get that, but hey, it wasn't the big deal of the day, so don't worry. We then opened curtain B, to find a scion, worth 19,111 clams. Well, the big deal was worth 24,011, so it wasn't that, so she didn't have to worry. (If you look closely at all those numbers, you maybe be able to figure something out.) Then, we opened up her curtain, curtain number C. As it turned out, we had thrown in both of the other packages. She ended up getting a nice scion, and 5,000 clams to be used at Akbar's.

So, we think it turned out pretty nicely! We hope to be able to do it again! Ymail "Makedeal" if you have any questions, or comments about "Let's Make a Dealio: Whyville Edition."

We hope to see all of you at the next one!
Xion2 and JCRF

Authors' Note: Not all of the deals were shown. We apologize to anyone whose deal was not shown, and would like our reader's to know, that if you come, there is a pretty good chance you will be able to make a deal! Thank you all! Xion2 and JCRF


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