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Still Waters

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Long ago, in the kingdom of Karaliste, there lived some of the most powerful of our kind to roam the earth. These special men and women possessed psychokinetic powers, and among them the ability to control water (hydrokinesis), fire (pyrokinesis), gene arrangements (biokinesis), electrical energy (electrokinesis), and time (chronokinesis).

For many centuries the people of Karaliste lived together in harmony. One fateful day, however, those that possessed biokinetic abilities rallied together in opposition of the rest of the kingdom. The biokinetics had the ability to alter the gene arrangements of another living thing with a simple touch. So long as you were in their reach, the limit to their power was endless. Therefore, they felt they were much stronger and superior to the rest and in turn formed a rebel army called the Zhan Shi. These warriors wreaked havoc on the kingdom, grouping together those of similar abilities and sending them to prison camps where they would alter their gene patterns to rid them of their psychokinetic abilities.

Nearly 100 years after the beginning of the war, the Zhan Shi has managed to eradicate the existence of psychokinetic abilities aside from their own powers, biokinesis, and that of the hydrokinetics. They still continue to fight for control over Karaliste, which today stands a water kingdom ruled by King Qaisar and Queen Lareina, with their daughter Princess Katriel.

Over the years, the water kingdom has tried desperately to defeat the Zhan Shi and restore peace to the kingdom, but they have grown strong over the years and will not be put in their place quite so easily . . .


"No, Katriel, like this."

The elderly instructor swayed his arms in the elegant motion, pulling a stream of water into the air, in demonstration for his young student.

"But, Master, that's what I did!"

A young girl, about the age of 5, flailed her arms in an ungraceful motion, attempting to copy the moves of her instructor, but the pool of water before her was still. She had long, dark brown hair which was pulled back in a single braid that reached down to her waist, and eyes the color of the purest of oceans.

The instructor let out a sigh, "That's enough for today, Katriel. You may run off and play now," he said as he left the room in frustration.

The small girl was left standing alone in the middle of the room, a single tear rolling down her cheek.


9 years later

"Princess! Katriel, where are you?" a soft voice called out in the distance.

"Grr, WHY CAN'T I GET THIS RIGHT!?!" I screamed to no one, stomping my foot on the ground and crossing my arms like a toddler having a tantrum.

I sat down where the water symbol of Karaliste was displayed on the ground, staring at the unmoving pool of water before me. I had been practicing my hydrokinesis in the training hall for almost 5 hours straight now, and not a single drop of water had moved for the entire duration, just like always.

'Why won't you move?' I thought to myself, staring into the water, 'Please? For me?'

My real training session had ended 3 hours ago, so I wasn't sure why I was still practicing. It was a hopeless effort anyway.

"Princess!" a voice called again.

Then my caregiver, Rosalinda, dashed into the room, her wavy chocolate tresses pulled back in a bun; her dark brown eyes frantic. Rosalinda was like my second mother, I hadn't felt closer to anyone in all of the kingdom of Karaliste. I could tell her anything, and I could always trust her to keep my secrets and lend me her wisdom when I needed help. Not that I didn't love my real mother, but Rosalinda and I had a special bond that couldn't be compared to any others.

"Katriel, your mother and father want you in the throne room. I hear it's urgent."

I let out a groan, "Great, another lecture about how I should study harder and practice more?" I said with skepticism, "Why can't they leave me alone?"

"They didn't tell me what the situation was, but I think you should go Katriel," Rosalinda pleaded with me with her eyes.

"Oh, alright," I said, giving into her wishes.

I shuffled out of the training hall with an air of gloom. I wasn't sure why I couldn't control the water, but I certainly didn't need another lecture on it. Maybe I just wasn't born a hydrokinetic like they were . . .

I came to the entrance of the throne room and paused briefly, listening to the sounds inside. From within the throne room, I could hear my parents muttering something lowly to General Jabir, leader of the Karalistin army, as well as my hydrokinesis master. Well, whatever the situation was, I was positive it could wait. I didn't feel like getting yelled at just right now. So I made my way past the throne room and decided to go out and sit by the river. For some reason the river put me at peace; the sound of the flowing water, the way it ran over the smooth rocks like a graceful dance. Sometimes when I sat here, it made me feel like maybe, just maybe, there was a hydrokinetic somewhere deep inside me.

I picked one of the lilies growing on the side of the river and twirled it in my hand. I wondered what my parents were going to say to me. Right then I heard a small rustling noise that interrupted my train of thought.

"Rosalinda?" I called out, "Is anyone there?"

I started to feel a bit panicked, so I decided to go inside and see what my parents wanted, but as I was getting off the ground something stopped me. I felt a large pair of hands grabbing my shoulders, and I immediately went unconscious.



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