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Step by Step: An Acceptable Shirt

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I am not a famous designer, I have no idea whatsoever how to make hairs, but I guarantee I can show you how to make a shirt. You don't need a steady hand to perform this wonderful "trick", you just need to be thorough!

It's time we get some fresh designers, because I think I've seen enough same-structured shirts. Usually, I buy any shirt that seems different, counting the pattern and shape. There are shirts with wide shoulders, shirts with pointy shoulders, and the plain Jane shoulders we can all recall. I've gone through Akbar's Face Mall and saw big shirts, tall shirts, wide and small shirts! Many of them are great, they deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame, but others . . .

Anyway, I want to show you Whyvillians how to design a nice, different shirt. This article isn't intended to get people to copy off me, but to widen their variety of shirts and get an idea what buyers may want. The pictures below will, though, self destruct after you get past the bottom one.

First, you have to get the shape right. I made sure you could see which color to use for skin, and what size is best for starters. You might have to use the erase tool to shape the shirt at first, though.

This picture is showing that I used the smallest size to cut down and make the right side the exact same shape as the left. An easier way to follow through with this is to zoom in to x2, and then try.

My second favorite part, the coloring! I know what you're thinking. "Oh my gosh, I thought she was going to be different. She's seriously just making a tee." Nope! You're wrong! The next is my ultimate favorite . . . shading, editing and making it look cool! Finally, right!?

The final picture! It's pretty awesome, huh? I showed you the basics, now you have to make a shirt using those hints and add your own accessories (like I added the tie, arm, and root beer)!

Awe, the pictures didn't self destruct!? And I thought the aliens had really taught me something valuable! Liars . . .


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