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Rising Like a Skyscraper

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It is infrequent for me to pay more than one passing glance to female pop singers singing traditional pop music, certainly not because I have a certain dislike for the genre, to be sure. However, something was special about the selection I have chosen for this review.

Lovato's recent single release titled "Skyscraper" occupied the number one position on iTunes not too long ago, and this short-lived achievement certainly did not go without reason. The composition of the music leaves us satisfied, to be sure, featuring a cycle of piano chord progressions, violin accompaniment, and a sick beat that enters after the first chorus comes around. It is a refreshing production, and while there is certainly nothing revolutionary with regard to its production, it boasts quality that outshines many of Lovato's contemporary competitors on the pop music scene. However, if a cliched but excellently executed musical composition was all there was to this piece of music, you could be certain it wouldn't have caught my interest as of late.

No, it was certainly more than that. In fact, this song made my insides turn inside out and my hairs stand up on end, all thanks to the essential component to any song: the vocals. Throughout the entire studio recording, you can literally feel the pain of the lyrics (which were inspiring, but again not what makes this a stand out track) flow through you, and Lovato has done a phenomenal job in capturing intense emotion in a voice whilst wielding immense vocal competence and range. In fact, I am certain that with this track she will garner a wide range of nominations for the grand vocal performance she has wisely chosen to lead the singles off of her upcoming album.

And of course, I am sure the girl will fare well assuming she continues to produce quality music, whether or not her album is consistent with this sound or decides to take a turn towards the upbeat tempo consistent with contemporary mainstream pop. Either way, she has definitely caught the attention of observers of the music industry.

Production: 3/5 | Vocals: 5/5 | Lyrics: 3/5 | Overall Opinion: 4/5 (Excellent)


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