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Let's Make a Dealio: Whyville Edition

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Hello Whyvillians! It's Xion2 and JCRF here with another episode of "Let's Make a Dealio: Whyville Edition", the Whyville game show based on the TV show "Let's Make a Deal", where contestants are invited up to, well . . . make deals. But be careful, you may just go home with a zonk, which is nothing!

Now, before we continue, we would like to apologize. We forgot to mention in our last article why everyone was dressed in such crazy outfits. Well, on the show, we have contestants dress as insanely as they can. The crazier they look, the more chance you will have to make a deal.

We all met at Sportplatz, excited for the new episode, where someone was going to have a chance to risk all they had for a chance at the big deal, worth over 25,000 clams. (More on that later.) We were very excited with the turnout as we began our first deal.

It was a simple trade. You could have one thing or the other. She passed up an FFV and 1000 clams, and instead got . . .

A zonk! Oh well. Better luck next time!

We then moved on to our second deal, who was given a similar choice: pick curtain one, or curtain 2.

She chose one, and ended up passing up on a scion, but walking away with over 1,000 clams, and a few good memories.

We did a couple more deals giving away some clams and other prizes, including a scion. I then decided to do some quick, easy Whyville trivia questions, for just 500 clams. All I did was ask a question, about Whyville, and if you got it right, you got 500 clams right there.

Then, it was time for The Big Deal of the Day! For those of you who don't know, during The Big Deal of the Day someone trades all they have at a chance to win a massive prize, which in this case was worth, 25,500 clams!

We went from the person with the biggest prize to ask if they would trade it. Well, MEKISSYOU decided to trade away her scion worth over 13,000 clams for a chance at the big deal. She was told to pick either curtain 1, curtain number 2, or curtain number 3. She picked two!

We showed her curtain 1, which had a scion worth about 13,000 clams. Nice, but not the big deal. Then, we opened up her curtain, and found she won . . . a 5,000 clam gift certificate to Akbar's! So, that wasn't the big deal, but it was still nice. We opened curtain 3, which did have the big deal and found, 25,500 clams in cash. Oh well. Good job MEKISSYOU along with everyone else who played, and thank you all for coming!

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who has donated clams to "Let's Make a Dealio." We appreciate all of it! Thank you so much! Also, if you would like to come to the next "Let's Make a Dealio" y-mail "Makedeal" for information on when that will be!

Happy trading!
Xion2 and JCRF


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