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A Whole New World?

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As a little girl, I always used to sit in front of the TV, replaying Disney movies over and over to no end. I loved going to the ball with Cinderella, taking magic carpet rides with Aladdin, and exploring the vast, lively jungle with Tarzan. I loved the magic and the adventure, and the different journeys they would take you on. Today I am still an avid fan of Disney movies, but I find them to have a slightly different flavor compared to their older flicks. As much as I love the newer films, I find myself showing favor to their older movies. I decided to see whether you Whyvillians shared my feelings or felt slightly different. Today I have iCoNiaC, ThatsEpic, and dancr55 voicing their opinions.

Xoxkitkat: What's your favorite older Disney movie and why?

iCoNiaC: "101 Dalmatians" (animated) in 1961. I love the dogs and I always thought this was a classic movie.
ThatsEpic: "The Lion King 2", 'cause it kicks butt!
dancr55: I'd have to say "The Little Mermaid". I love that movie because of the characters, plot, and the fact that it's underwater.

Xoxkitkat: What's your favorite song from a Disney movie?

iCoNiaC: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", I always tried to sing it when I was little, but I always got it scrambled up!
ThatsEpic: Hmm, toughy toughy . . . I'm going to have to say all the "Mulan" songs because they are too kick butt, can't choose on of them.
dancr55: My favorite song from the older Disney movies is "Under the Sea" from "The Little Mermaid". Wow, I'm realizing how much I love that movie!

Xoxkitkat: Who is your favorite Disney character, and why?

iCoNiaC: Cinderella, she's just so perfect! When I was younger, I always dressed up and wanted to be just like her!
ThatsEpic: Mulan, because she's a determined woman! She shows girls are just as good as guys!
dancr55: Hmmmmm, favorite older Disney character? Mickey Mouse.

Xoxkitkat: Do you feel that the older Disney movies appeal solely to a younger audience? Why or why not?

iCoNiaC: No, not any more. The kids usually like the most recent movies now, the classics are still the best to me and many others.
ThatsEpic: Yes. But, I think they appeal not only to younger children, but to older kids too. I know I still love all the Disney movies and I'm 15!
dancr55: No, I don't think these movies appeal only to a younger child. Why? When many of the older Disney movies were made, people who are adults now were the younger children who loved these movies. The movies are very good for all generations.

Xoxkitkat: In your opinion, is there a notable difference between Disney's older movies and their more recent ones?

iCoNiaC: Yeah, the newer ones really get the interest of the younger audience, the older ones attract people of my age.
ThatsEpic: The difference is that Walt Disney died.
dancr55: The most notable difference is probably how they were made. Long ago they had not-very-high-tech cameras and things like that. Now everything is crystal-clear. Either way, the movies have been awesome for a long time! They're even remaking older movies.

Xoxkitkat: Do you prefer older Disney films or the newer ones and why?

iCoNiaC: Definitely the older ones. I think the newest ones are just all the same to me. No big differences.
ThatsEpic: The older ones are better. Newer isn't always better, in my opinion.
dancr55: I like both the older movies AND the newer movies, but I think the older ones are better.

A big thanks to iCoNiaC, ThatsEpic, and dancr55 for their great responses! I enjoyed seeing how they felt about these Disney movies that played a noteworthy role in my childhood, and I hope you all did too!

Now it's time to say good-bye to all our company!
M-I-C. See ya real soon! K-E-Y. Why? Because we like you!



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