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Am I Perfect Yet?

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Everyday that I log on Whyville, the first thing I do is go to the Pick My Nose section. The first thing I ask myself, "Was it like this?"

When I first joined Whyville, I dressed my face the way I liked it. "Realistic" proportions. It looked good to me! I started exploring, and soon found out all the action happened in South Beach. So I went, thinking, 'I hope I'll fit in.' But, I was shunned my first day. Someone just came up to me when I was minding my own business. By nature, my first approach was a friendly, "Hi! What's up?" Guess what the reply was? "Wow! You're ugly!"

That was the last of me. I clicked that life saver red x. I'm done, that's all I thought. I don't want anything to do with Whyville. I was wrong. I found myself in front of the computer two days later. The address bar read: "www.whyville.com". I took a deep breath, pressed enter, and focused. I tried again. -click- -clear- Good-bye, "ugly".

I practiced. I made a new face. I cleared it. New face, clear. I watched videos, I visited the Style Salon everyday, for a month. The videos helped most. I had all the parts, I put them up right. Everything in Whyville proportion. No matter how many clams I spent on parts, how much I scoured the pages of Akbar's Face Mall, it didn't feel right. It wasn't "like them".

One day, in Style Studio, I was approached by a Newbie, "Are you opening a studio?" I was surprised. Me, a studio? When I could barely dress myself? "Oh, no, sorry." I escaped to an already open salon. I waited for my turn. It came, we exchanged the casual requests, and I was going to be fixed. "Um, sorry, I don't think I can change anything. You look good already." No. Way. Me? I finally nailed the look, didn't I? "Oh, thank you (:" But . . . I think it still looks wrong!

To this day, I'm too embarrassed to step foot in South Beach. What if I'm approached again? I tried a few times, but I was too shy to start any conversation. I was just the sack of pixels being lonely and taking up space. Maybe I'll gain enough confidence one day. I hope I'll finally have some Whyville friends. Someday, when I feel like it's perfect. Thank you.


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