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Making a comic is hard work. There's so much that goes into it like trying to get people to cooperate, having a good storyline, and editing your final piece afterward. But I've found that although it's hard work, it's a lot of fun too and some pretty crazy stuff goes on behind the scenes. Today I've decided to share my crazy little comic making world with you, so follow me into the land of insanity . . .

The first step of our journey is coming up with inspiration for a good comic. Once upon a time, believe it or not, a friend and I thought it would be a good idea to put ourselves in the shoes of toddlers and think like they think. Oh boy . . .

Other times, we'll get inspiration through joking around with each other and seeing all the funny things we can come up with! The times we have brainstorming are definitely some of my favorites.

When we actually get around to making the comic, it's a lot of fun, and sometimes we like to joke around with each other between takes.

Unfortunately, there are times when you're in the process of taking pictures, and people won't like to cooperate. Sadly, sometimes all you can do is trash the picture and start from the top!

But there are other times when you can take your uncooperative friends and have a little fun. In this particular instance, a friend of mine refused to stop talking about a movie he was watching the ENTIRE time, but I decided to make the most out of it.

Other times, there will be actors in the room who aren't in a particular scene but are going to be needed later. I usually tell them to sit in the corner, and I'll edit them out later. These are moments where they'll like to make their own fun.

When all the craziness of "filming" the comic is over, there's the editing afterward. Sometimes I'll play around with different options to see what will turn out best. Up above, for instance, the bottom picture is the first draft of a title picture for "Bamboozled". Thank heavens above I gave it more than one try . . .

Unfortunately, in making comics, I have also found there are instances when I'll go through the whole process of creating a comic, only to see that the outcome isn't so great, and "The Spanish Attack" made a bigger splat than 500 cupcakes being thrown against the wall.

Well, that's about all the craziness I can jam into this article! Although making comics can get really crazy and weird sometimes, it's a lot of fun for me and definitely worth it.

Hasta la vista!


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