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A History of Whyville: The Times

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A Whyville History: The Times

Whyville Historian

Hello, this is ruffy here. And I just got an idea. After reading City Hall's "History of the Why-Pass", I thought about having a history column in Whyville. I'm not the oldest citizen in Whyville, but I can always interview older citizens and read old articles.

So, I decided to start with the Whyville Times!

The Whyville Times started July 08, 1999. There was only TWO articles and they themselves were quite different from what the Times publishes today. Cyranojoe had the privilege of writing the second article. As for the Times Editor and his editorials, he not only wrote the first article but has written in almost every single week since July 08.

Dr. Leila first came in July 22, 1999. A real life newspaper writer, Dr. Leila started with the famous question: How do skaters get spinning so fast? Not only has she written about spinning in our little Times, but about illusions, time and in Feb 2001 she wrote about Why-Pox. Dr. Leila is surely one of Whyville's greatest movers and shakers, after the Times Editor and City Hall, of course.

The Twister Fish also was a great mover and shaker in our times. You know our cute little gallery? If it weren't for shelly1 and her series "How the Twister Fish came to Whyville!" in March and then Sept 2000, who knows what would have happened to one o the most interesting things to look at in the Times?

There are many other things about the Times -- but I will spare you... until next week... LoL.

NEXT TIME: The Story of Faces!




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