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Newspaper Nails

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Do you love reading? Do you love cool nails? Well then I have the perfect look for you! The other day I was looking at my nails . . . they were so plain and boring, I needed to make them look cool! I started my search to find something to spice up my nails, when I came across a really cool trick to put text on your nails. It's quite simple and the results look really interesting. I thought it would be the perfect look for back to school . . . or even just for the Whyville Times.

Step One: Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails. I'm using "Sally Hansen Hard as Nails" in "Nude".

Step Two: After the base coat dries, apply a white or off white polish. At the moment all I have for a white polish is "L'Oreal Paris French Tip" so I'll have to make do with that . . . but please excuse the streaks.

Step Three: Rip off small pieces from an old newspaper (or a new one like I accidentally did and made my parents angry). Make sure the scrap has text on it, and it's big enough to cover your nail.

Step Four: Dip your nails (do this one at a time) into rubbing alcohol.

Step Five: Press the newspaper to your nail so the ink transfers from the paper to your nail. You might have to dab a bit of rubbing alcohol on top of the paper as well so it transfers more easily. Carefully peel it off and repeat the process with all your nails.

Step Six: This step is very important. Make sure to finish your nails off with a top coat, if you don't the ink will just rub off. I'm using "L'Oreal Top Coat".

If you got any nail polish on your skin carefully remove it with a q-tip. Other than that, you're nails are complete! Now you have some cool newspaper nails . . . maybe you can read them if you get bored! Or maybe not . . . seeing as the text is backwards.

Anyways, there you have it! Newspaper nails, enjoy!



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