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Do you have a journal? If not, it is a great idea to begin one. I was told once that journals are a great way to reduce stress and to have fun. Of course, I don't have a scientist backing me up. Scientists like to be paid more than a dollar . . .

Anyway, I have always been a journal writer. I received my first journal, it was a Judy Moody Mood Journal by the way, when I was nine. I wrote in it every now and then over the span of three years. I received my next journal when I turned twelve from my Aunt Natasha. In my journal she had written a long letter about about the importance of journals and my upcoming teenage years and some other stuff that is boring to a twelve year old. I wrote in that about every other day. My days were too boring to even write anything about them anyway. I received my next journal when I was thirteen. It was just a polka dotted small notebook from Walmart, but I loved the notebook. I wrote it in everyday and I've been through a lot of notebooks since then.

The point of this article isn't to bore you with my journal-ling memories, it is to actually teach you how to make those memories! Let's be begin, shall we?

Step 1: The Journal

The actual notebook or journal book is an important part of beginning to journal. If you love video games and hate everything girly, obviously a pink fairy princess journal isn't going to be your choice. Pick one that suits you best. You don't have to buy a journal book, just a plain notebook will do. If you want a journal book, though, go for it. Just find one that works best for you. My journals are from the Hot Chocolate Brand at Walmart. I couldn't find them online, so I won't be able to provide a price for you. They are fairly inexpensive, though.

Step 2: Beginning the Journal

When I begin a new page of the journal, I always write the full date of the day I am writing about in the upper right hand corner. I just write about whatever is on my mind and pour out my soul onto the paper. Sometimes I doodle with my uber amazing artistic ability (I know, be jealous). Sometimes some of my short stories or attempts at a novel start in my journal. At the end of each entry I draw a heart and write out my full name. I don't know exactly why I do this, it was something I always did when I first started.

Step 3: Ending the Journal

Once I finish writing my last entry in the journal, I usually skim though what I wrote in the journal. I let all my words sink in and remember that day and how I felt. It is quite an experience. I usually see myself grow from my first entry to my last. I also examine my bipolar handwriting. I write the date I began the journal to the day I last wrote in it on the cover. I then hide my journal in plain sight . . . in my bookshelf.


- Try and write in your journal everyday, it will be something your children and grandchildren will have as a memory of you.
- Add something a little special to your journal. Maybe a sticker of a face what you were feeling that day. Like a happy face if you were happy or a crying face if you were sad.
- Make it fun! Maybe instead of a written journal a photo journal. Take pictures of what you like to do, your family, friends, etc.
- When you are talking about your friends, write out their full name when you first introduce them. You probably will not remember their last name if you aren't still keeping in touch with them years from now.
- Never quit writing in your journal or adding things to it. It will never hurt you, it will be your autobiography your family and friends will read someday.

Enjoy the journal writing Whyvillians!


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