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The BBS is a magical place, sometimes. You visit and see teenagers voicing their opinions, some even adults, but definitely not children. Only, something someone said was wrong! So you reply to them, asking them in a sarcastic way if they've ever been to Biology. To your surprise, they reply with, "I don't think they have Biology in my elementary school, Lo:." And you are shocked, but you don't show it. That's because young doesn't mean stupid.

The majority of older people (I'm talkin' adult) I've met do indeed take things I say seriously. For teens, I can say the most serious thing in the world, but it's just not enough. I think a lot of kids today don't expect children to have any common sense. As if that's sensible itself. I am only thirteen, but I can assure you, I'm no idiot. A kid can be as wise as a teenager . . . but, not to be all judgmental and stuff, I think they're even more wise. I've interviewed Whyvillians (13 and younger) about their mad skills!

Iynne: How old are you?

jHermione: 11.
ciarbear: I'm 12 years old, gonna be 13 this September.
SpOrTyAx: I am 12 years old.
blake3210: 13.
LoveEmma: 12.
xZillyx: I am 12 years old.

Iynne: On a scale of one to ten, one being never, and ten being always, how often does an older person take you seriously?

jHermione: 8.
ciarbear: I would say 5, sometimes more, sometimes less. An older person would have some respect and take me seriously, but not as much as they would to their own age.
SpOrTyAx: It depends. Majority of the time it's probably around 7, sometimes less.
blake3210: Probably about 5, at my age, my mom and dad think everything I say is a lie.
LoveEmma: 10.
xZillyx: Hm . . . probably 6 or 7.

Iynne: If I asked you to insult my enemy, and you and I were best friends, would you do so?

jHermione: I wouldn't do it, probably. I don't like to insult people, really. If I did, though, maybe calling them a filthy toerag would work.
ciarbear: I wouldn't do it. I think it's mean, even if it's your enemy, it's not smart. Everyone's fighting their own war so don't make it worse for people.
SpOrTyAx: Well, maybe if you had a good reason I would stick up for you, but I wouldn't just insult your enemy and say irrelevant things like, "You're ugly."
blake3210: Probably not, even if that meant you and I wouldn't be friends anymore. That's . . . immature?
LoveEmma: No, because even if my best friend hates somebody, I won't insult them because they didn't do anything to myself personally.
xZillyx: Well, if I insult your enemy, won't it make things worse? I don't think fighting back will solve anything.

Iynne: "You're too young, you wouldn't understand." How does that make you feel?

jHermione: It makes me feel left out. I think I'm mature for my age and I've heard that from many other people. I just don't really like it when I get told that.
ciarbear: People would say that to me and it hurts. Just because we're younger doesn't mean we don't understand things. Just because we're not as academically educated as adults doesn't mean we don't know or care about what they're talking about.
SpOrTyAx: Sometimes, I take it in the wrong way. Most times, I do get offended.
blake3210: Like that older person doesn't know me. I can always TRY to understand.
LoveEmma: Annoyed.
xZillyx: It makes me feel annoyed and frustrated because it's like they don't need my help when sometimes they do.

Iynne: What is the date of Pie?

jHermione: Excuse me?
ciarbear: 3/14, March 14.
SpOrTyAx: If you're talking about pi, then it's 3/14.
blake3210: . . . I don't know?
LoveEmma: Pie . . .? Let me Google that!
xZillyx: Um, pie? What do you mean?

I was, indeed, talking about pi, but I added an e, sort of to confuse them. Anyway, it's clear that we are taken seriously more often than not. So, teenagers reading this, stop leaving your sisters and brothers out of the conversations. With this article, I give all the younger siblings who have migrated to Whyville the permission to start a riot! Yes, we can force our older brothers who think they can control our crushes to back off! We can push our sisters to the point of forgetting what make up even is! Yes we can!

. . . or, unfortunately, not. Life is all about wisdom and naivete. We are all equals, but, as ooooopppp mentioned before on BBS, midgets are far more awesome. You all reading this, though, should commence. We gotta let each other live with purpose and dignity! You, older Whyvillians, shall start now with accepting the random Newbie who is 9. Plus, some of us know about pi.

Farewell (not for long, though),


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