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The World's Best Cup of Coffee

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It's a dieter's nightmare, but a busy worker's favorite thing. It can help you stay awake, or help you go to sleep. What am I talking about? Coffee! And, what coffee shop has the World's BEST Cup of Coffee? 7-Eleven?! While delicious, 7-Eleven isn't as good as . . . Starbucks!

Before Starbucks, there weren't any coffee shops. You had to go to a diner, a cafe, or a bakery to get coffee. Starbucks changed all of that when it opened it's doors in 1971 in a small shop in Seattle. I was recently in Seattle, and was really surprised at how many Starbucks there were. In the first 3 or so hours I was there, I counted 14 different Starbucks. I even saw the original on the historic Pike's Place Market. (Where, I would guess because of the line, it probably took a couple hours to get a coffee.)

Whether you like a nice, cool frappucinno or a warm black coffee, Starbucks (all 15,000 of them in 50 countries) is the place to go, as long as you can afford it. One big change about Starbucks that you may not have realized, is the change in the logo. Starbucks has always had that mermaid. Up until the end of last year, the mermaid (who was derived from a 15th century painting, called the Twin-Tailed Siren) was surrounded by the words "Starbucks Coffee", as seen in the picture below.

However, as Starbucks began spreading out into Asia, where English is not exactly the most common language, Starbucks had to change their logo to be universal. They recently took away the letters, and just left the mermaid.

Now, you are probably going, "Who cares about some stupid logo?!" Well, you're right. For most companies, the logo means next to nothing. But, with Starbucks taking away the letters, it shows that it is so popular, you don't even need the letters. Everyone just recognizes the mermaid to be the logo of Starbucks.

Some people go to Starbucks every day, and sit in and chat for a while. For others, it is a special treat. That's exactly how the people who started it wanted it to be. A nice pace to come and sit, and talk to friends, and to indulge a little, while drinking a delicious (and expensive, come on, it's a business) cup of coffee. And personally, I think they did their job.

Off to get a mocha frappucinno.

Author's Note: Sources: www.Starbucks.com


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