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Many Whyvillians were excited to see a new symbol on the 'Whyville Events' calendar. It was a microphone, and it stood for the Rhyme Time/Dance contest to be held on the 16th in the Greek Theater. The Rhyme Time/Dance contest information said basically that people would be called up to dance, or called up and given a theme that they had to make a rhyme about. Then these people would be scored by the people in the audience. Also, it mentioned a guest City Worker, visiting from France. I decided that it looked like fun, and that I would go.

After about a half an hour into it I was having a blast! People were coming up and randomly moving around the screen, while others were making up ridiculous (yet highly entertaining) rhymes. When the hour was over, I thought that it was an hour well spent, but I was curious to see whether the others who attended enjoyed it as much as I did. So, I asked around.

Yayapie: When you first found out about the Rhyme Time/Dance Contest at the Greek Theater what were your thoughts?

SpOrTyAx: I was excited, I mean, most of us know it, Whyville is getting boring.
sparks434: I actually thought that it was going to be kind of dumb because you can't really "dance" or "rap/rhyme" on the Internet. LoL
ocean10kv: Oh my gosh, finally! A new event! I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go . . .
jHermione: I was excited! I couldn't wait to see how it would go. It's nice to try something different.

Yayapie: Were you ever called up to rhyme or dance?

SpOrTyAx: No, but I didn't really want to anyway. It was interesting to watch all the others perform.
sparks434: Well no. In the beginning, I didn't really want to. After that, I started writing a Harry Potter rhyme, and then I suddenly wanted to. But I didn't actually go up.
ocean10kv: I was the very first one called up!
jHermione: They would ask who wanted to come up and I was there to watch really, so nah.

Yayapie: If so, what did you do? Did you enjoy it?

ocean10kv: I did a rhyme . . . in FRENCH because that takes skill! It was a rhyme about games and no one could understand me except probably the French City Worker, teehee! It was quite fun even though my rhyme was probably very lame, but hey, I did win 5th place!

Yayapie: Out of all the people who rhymed/danced, who was your favorite performer and what did they do?

SpOrTyAx: My favorite was tswiftroc's performance. It may have been a rude rap/rhyme, but I found it entertaining. She did a rhyming rap thing about KadKad.
sparks434: LoL, the girl who rhymed about Kadkad. She asked if Kadkad used used/old pads.
ocean10kv: I had to leave half an hour into the event, but from what I saw I did enjoy Cathris's Justin Bieber rhyme. It was . . . disturbing.
jHermione: I liked Galaxy7. He danced and asked us to dance along and then told us "Oh wait, you can't!"

Yayapie: If there was another Rhyme Time/Dance Contest tomorrow, would you go?

SpOrTyAx: Of course. I loved it. And maybe next time, I'll have the guts to perform myself.
sparks434: LoL, yes definitely! I must be heard!
ocean10kv: I would totally go, and hopefully think up of a better rhyme . . . perhaps one serenading Lopan?
jHermione: I definitely would!

Yayapie: What did you think about the guest City Worker that was visiting from France?

SpOrTyAx: At first, I didn't even realize he was the special person. He looked like an average Whyvillian. He was kind, though, making compliments on everyone's performance.
sparks434: The one that was inviting people up? He was cool. He's a close second for my favorite CW now.
ocean10kv: He was a cool guy, but he probably wanted to cry over my horrible French skills.
jHermione: He was nice.

Yayapie: Overall, do you think the Rhyme Time/Dance Contest was a success?

SpOrTyAx: Yup. Except it should have gone longer because I know some Whyvillians who wanted to perform didn't get to.
sparks434: Yes, but it could've been longer because not everyone had a chance to showcase their online talent.
ocean10kv: It was a total success and I believe it is an event they should continue hosting in the future!
jHermione: Of course! There were a bunch of people and it was fun overall!

Everyone I interviewed had a great time at the new event, and so did I. I honestly hope that they continue to do the Rhyme Time/Dance contest in the future, so that get we get a chance to see all of our talented Whyvillians.


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