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Goodbye Fun and Games

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Throughout one's life, you gain a number of memorable experiences, loose and gain friends, change mentally and physically, and so on. But the time that all of this tends to happen more frequently is childhood. I grew up in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach, California. Being young and naive, I took the beauty of living in a house overlooking the Pacific ocean for granted. When you're young, you very rarely take the time to stop and think to yourself "I am so glad I live here." In fact, when I was really young, it never occurred to me that I would leave my beautiful beachfront hometown.

But then came high school. I made new friends, had some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst. It's a small town - with huge amounts of drama. Freshman year was a blast, and went by too fast for words. Sophomore year I started to discover who I was as a person, which had it's ups and downs. Junior year was academically tough, but still the most exciting year yet. Then came senior year, and everything was winding down. The whole year was pretty much a countdown to when real life begun - college. After enduring the college process ever so stressfully - I was able to enjoy my last few months with my friends. We bonded more during those times then ever before. After this, it was time to go our separate ways and leave the beautiful little town we called home, and head to the real world.

For me, this wasn't easy. The last few days of summer I could not stop thinking about all the fun times I had. Every spot in that town, held a million different memories with a bunch of different people. To this day I wish I had spent my years with the realization that it would someday come to an end. Of course I can visit Laguna, but it just isn't the same as living there. I'll never get to go surfing with my best friends, because I simply don't have the same best friends anymore. I can't ride my bike down my favorite strip and meet my friend for a day of tanning at the beach. Nothing stays the same forever, as I learned the hard way.

So the point of all this? I'm giving you youngsters out there advice. Live your childhood to it's fullest, and don't ever, ever take it for granted.



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